Monday, November 22, 2010

Mass, Mass, T-Day, Grands and The Dentist

We had a lovely weekend. Went to Mass twice on Sunday, once at noon and then again at 6 PM. Both were sung Latin Masses. We are so blessed. :o) Fr. K celebrates an occasional TLM, and this time we were able to go. We took Mom to our regular noon Mass, then Ron and I went to the one at 6 PM as well. It was wonderful to see Fr. K. There was a coffee and donut hour afterward, and we met a few more members of the Latin Mass community. The Mass was at an older church near downtown that we had never visited. One of my favorite things is discovering new "old" Catholic churches.

In between Masses, we took Mom to lunch, then I went to Josh's and stayed with the kids while he and Cyrise went grocery shopping. Aubrey and Camryn were napping when I got there, but Gina was wide awake. I got to give her the rest of her bottle and hold her. She went to sleep, and I played with Reece with PlayDoh. He had me making lots of seagulls and turkeys. We had a whole flock of blue PlayDoh turkeys. :o) The little girls woke up just before their parents came home.

Josh and Cyrise got some of my groceries for Thanksgiving for me. I'm making the cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a Black Russian cake. Kelly is bringing macque choux and dirty rice stuffing. Cyrise is making her yummy green beans. Sandi and Mom are bringing pies. I have some sweet potatoes I may toss into the oven, and Ron wants some kind of salad. Kelly ordered a smoked turkey, which we'll pick up tomorrow.

We had a change of plans, and Kelly came to clean and decorate my house for Thanksgiving today instead of over the weekend. It's always nice to have her here, and she did a lot of work! Thank you, Kel; I love you!

I took Mom to the dentist this morning. She will be getting new partials in a few weeks. They took the impressions today. They are going to remake her top partial as well as making her a bottom one. The top one has never fit properly, so there will be no charge for the replacement. Mom and I love her dentist's assistant, Jennifer. She is always so sweet to Mom (and to me). The dentist is nice, but very quiet and rather aloof. It's Jennifer that keeps us going back to him.


aine said...

You looked great at the coffee. Healthy and full of pep. You get more done in a day than I do in a week.

Lito says he wanted to see "your little boy" at Mass as he calls him, but I told him that later today we will go through some of your older posts and he can peek at him again.

As usual your optimism and faith came shining through in our conversation. It may sound trite but you and some of the other ladies I have met in the TLM are such blessed role models and inspirations.

Sarah Oldham said...

Sounds busy!
I have to do the whole meal myself . . . so I'm a bit jealous of the close proximity of your family and everyone pitching in a dish! Healthy jealous, of course, because I am happy for all of you! Besides, when I'm only feeding the five of us, it's not a whole lot to do!
Many blessings for a blessed Thanksgiving!

Kalona said...

aine, you looked wonderfully healthy at the coffee, too. It was good to see you looking so great.

We really need to get our little guys together. "My little boy" would love that, I know. :o)

Kalona said...

Sarah, I remember holidays in Hawaii (and other places far from "home"). They were still wonderful, but you do miss your family and friends who are so far away. We usually got together with a few other families and we have some great memories of Thanksgivings in Hawaii and Japan, but those thoughts of family were always there. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxed Thanksgiving!

K said...

I heard about Fr. K's mass at the Polish church. The architecture is certainly more conducive to a TLM. If it becomes a regular thing I plan on going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We have so much to celebrate! I celebrate the day you were born & I'm so thankful that you're my sister.

Thanksgiving means so much to me this year. We both have the blessing of new grandbabies : ) and I am so thankful for all God has done in our lives over this past year. We do walk in His favor! Cole in back in Texas. God has protected Collin & brought him back where he belongs. Finn and Kori - perfect! You have amazed all of us with your steadfast faith & strength.

Can't wait to see you & spend Thanksgiving with all of you.
Love, Sandi

Jennifer Mulkey said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :) We have so much to be thankful for :) We will be at my mom's house, I'm doing all the cooking, so all she has to do is enjoy the kids and grandkids, I hope we don't wear her out, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Saw in the last post, but didn't get to answer you, about your hair :) It took about two months for mine to start coming back in. I used Biotene shampoo and conditioner, it helps to stimulate the scalp, also, if you get a baby brush and start brushing your scalp, it also helps stimulate the scalp and it will help those hair follicles :) I wonder if yours will come in curly? Mine sure did. Mom has now lost all of hers, it started coming out about day 14, and it's all gone now. She had her second chemo a week ago last Monday. This one has been a little easier. Tom and I have been praying the same novena that we used on your site for Bl. Stanislaus. Thank you so much for introducing us to this novena and wonderful saint :)

Again, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :) God Bless and keep you and yours :)

Kalona said...

K, it would be so nice if the TLM (and Fr. K) became a regular thing at the Polish church, but as of now it's just occasional. Please pray that the new Archbishop will find a place here in SA for my favorite priest, God willing. :o)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kalona said...

Sandi, I'm so delighted that you are with us this Thanksgiving! Yes, we have much to be thankful for, and much to celebrate. What a year this has been! I also thank God for you. I don't know what I would have done without you during the past 8 months. I love you!

Kalona said...

Jennifer, thank you for the hair-growing tips. :o) I don't know if it will come in curly--I had some natural curl when I was little, and have always had some body and wave, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it came in curly.

I will keep your mom in my prayers. I'm glad she is doing a little better with the 2nd chemo. I'm so glad you are praying the novena to Bl. Stanilaus. Another blogging friend told me about him (Angela, at Where Angels Blog). I'm glad you will be with your mom tomorrow for the holiday.

You are so right that we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I also thank God for you, and all the support you have given me during this cancer journey. Thank you!