Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Chitchat

(Photo of lacewing from the internet).

Our backyard has been invaded by these delicate, lacy creatures. Too bad we don't have a trout stream nearby.

I smell like cookies. :o) I was putting some things away in the pantry and accidentally knocked my bottle of vanilla off the shelf. The cap broke off and half the bottle splashed onto me and spilled on the floor.

I had a rather busy day, going to Mom's, then lunch at Chuy's with Ron, then a harrowing drive to Wilford Hall. There were two wrecks on I-35 on the way there, and one on the way back. Traffic was a nightmare. On the way back a gravel truck had lost its load all over one side of the highway. Fortunately it was on the southbound side (I was going north), but everyone was slowing down on our side to rubberneck. Drives me crazy!

I met with my hematology/oncology doctor today. He will be scheduling another CT scan, another colonoscopy, and another bone marrow biopsy over the coming weeks, after he has seen the lab work I'll have done next week. He will be looking for any signs of the cancer, but he said he doesn't expect to see any, and neither do I.

Ron and I went to the grocery store this evening and then had hamburgers for dinner.

It's cold tonight--44 degrees right now. I'm going to go snuggle in for the night.


Kelly said...

What funny little bugs! I like their green bodies and their little wings.

I've been enjoying the weather, I have my windows open all day long! :)

Looking forward to hearing the results of the CT scan, etc., because I know it's going to be good news.

Love you!

Kalona said...

I knew you and Josh would like the colder weather. :o)

We've had the lacewings in our yard for the past month or so. Sometimes I find one inside. Sister and Katy try to catch them at night when they come to the the outside light.

I'm sure the results of all the different procedures will be good, too. I'll be so glad when all of this is over. One day at a time. :o)

aine said...

Ah, the colonoscopy. Lovely procedure, not! You are in our prayers.

About the lacewings. I thought I had a chip on my door trim and reached out to touch it, fell back with a squeak when my "chip" flew away!

Goodness, my word verification to post is either an employment suggestion or I am really into crochet.

Kalona said...

Hi aine! The last time I had a colonoscopy all I remember is seeing all the lights on the computers and machines, then I was out like a light and didn't remember a thing until I woke up later all confused. :o)

That's funny about the "chip." :o)

Now I'm trying to figure out what your word verification was. :o)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi. Saturday morning here. I'm going to baby Gia's 1st birthday party today at 2pm. Gia is Kristi's baby girl.
I'm thanking God for all of the answers to prayer that are happening in my family - He is so faithful! I will call you this weekend to tell you about Collin:). Love, Sandi

aine said...

I had my colonoscopy at BAMC. My doctor was stranded in Chicago and they had to bring in a ringer. In the meantime for several hours I was left in bed waiting with those who were in recovery. It was like being in a room of naughty 12 year old boys. After I was given the magic stuff I still managed to wake up during the procedure. It was either during the colonoscopy or endoscopy, all I know is that for a brief moment I thought I was the victim of an alien abduction. Do think the prep is worse than the procedure, how about you?

Just think how squeaky clean your colon will be! I do try to think of the sunny side of things, know you do!

Before my memory leaks again, I found the cutest site for kid's crafts that ties into bible study. So far we have made two mobiles that are darling.If you want it shoot me an email and I'l send you the links. Today I think we will set up (late) our Give Thanks tree. Lito is very enthusiastic!