Thursday, April 18, 2013

This and That on Thursday

Here is Reece with his summer haircut.  I love it!  These are not the best pictures--we took them with Photo Booth.  He loves playing with Photo Booth.  He makes all kinds of crazy videos, mostly of himself making loud noises and funny faces.  Then he watches them and just cracks up.  Don't you love his eyebrows?  

Today I went shopping for Gran, then she went with me to pick up the kids at school.  She was so excited.  She said, "Oh, I'll get to see their school!"  They were surprised to see her in the van, and delighted.  They wanted to take her to our house, so we came here.  Gran played with them and watched them play games on the Wii.  They gave her lots of hugs and kisses, and she loved that.  Reece and Aubrey went with me to take her home.

I ordered some slipcovers for my wingback chairs and they came today.  I like them, but need to tweak them some more. They are very difficult to put on and get them looking nice.  I worked on them for awhile, and so did Cyrise.  The little girls were just beside themselves with excitement, first because there was a package, and then because they hadn't seen slipcovers before and were so interested in what we were doing with them.  It doesn't take much to entertain them.

This week has been filled with tragic news.  Please pray for the people of West, Texas, especially those who died in the fertilizer plant explosion and their families.  We drive through West when we travel north to Kansas.  I think it was settled by Polish and German settlers.  There is a yummy Polish bakery just off the highway.  

Continue prayers for Boston, too.  I've read some disturbing things on the web about the first guy who was a "person of interest," the one who was burned and taken to the hospital.  Of course you don't know what to believe when one source is saying one thing and another is saying something different.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday, Reece's favorite day of the week.  He sings a little song, "It's Friday, Friday...something something Friday."  Aubrey likes it too, because Fridays are McDonald's day.  (For them, not for me).        

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