Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Date:  Wednesday, April 17, 2013. 

Time and Weather:  It's 3:35 PM.  It's 79 degrees and cloudy.  Hoping for a good rain.  Supposed to get to 82 degrees.

Clothes:  Blue jeans, old pale pink boat neck tee with three quarter length sleeves, black SAS sandals.      

Food:  Toast for breakfast, a chicken fajita roll-up for lunch, and fried mushrooms for dinner.   

Sounds:  The kids are home from school.  They are sitting on the couch at the end of my bed watching the movie, Rio.  I hear the movie and the kids talking.  I heard thunder earlier, but don't hear any now.

Comings and Goings:  I went to see my new radiation oncologist today.  It was a six month follow-up.  My original radiation oncologist (the one I credit with keeping me out of a wheelchair) left the Army and is starting up his office in Austin.  I miss him.  

The new doctor is a girl.  She is so young.  She didn't have any answers about the increased numbness in my lower back and legs which causes me to have a little trouble walking.  She is referring me to another physical therapist.  She saw my MRI and said it looks good.  

Dr. O called yesterday to tell me it looked totally normal.  No sign of any cancer or deterioration of my spine.  That's great news, and now I hope that a little physical therapy will help me get back to some kind of normal.

After leaving the hospital, I picked up lunch and took it to Mom's.  I didn't stay there long because I had to get the kids from school.  But when I got home, Josh was on his way and said that he would get the kids.  

Mom needs a few things, so I'll probably go out again this evening.  
Little Favorites:  I have a tiny pair of gold and sapphire earrings that Ron gave to me in the early 80s.  He has given me other jewelry over the years, but these are special because we didn't have much money, yet he wanted to give me something beautiful.  I stopped wearing earrings during my cancer treatment, and the hole in one earlobe has closed, so I need to have them re-pierced.         

Memories:  One of the first times I went out with Ron, we went to a basketball game at our university.  Then he took me to a little hole in the wall bar.  Harbor Lights came on, and we danced for the first time.  He wore a blue sweater and gray slacks and he smelled so good.  His sweater matched his blue eyes.  His eyes would crinkle up when he smiled--they still do.  :o)  

Thank you, God: for Ron and our marriage of forty-four years.  I've always known that he is the one you had chosen for me.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Amen  

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