Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Date:  Wednesday, April 3, 2013. 

Time and Weather:  We had a thunderstorm last night, and got a pretty good rain.  It's cloudy and a little rainy today, and the temp right now is only 56 degrees.  I'm loving the rain (and the thunder).  It's about 5:30 PM.    

Clothes:  Black pull-on velour pants, a tunic length top with blue, white and black stripes, 3/4 sleeves and a hood, black socks.       

Food:  I soaked a pot of great northern beans last night, and they have been cooking this afternoon with the leftover ham from Easter.  We'll have them with cornbread in a little while.  

Sounds:  The three little girls are running up and down the stairs, screaming and laughing.  Someone is scooting a chair on the tile floor downstairs.  I can hear Reece humming a little tune.

Comings and Goings:  Reece went to the zoo on a field trip today.  He said it rained on them.  I don't know whether they got to see the whole zoo or not before the rain.  I didn't go with them because my legs aren't working well lately and I didn't know if I could walk the whole zoo.  My balance is off.

I took Aubrey to school at 11:15, then went by the thrift store before going to Mom's.  I didn't find much--a little greenish glass vintage dish with a bunny lid and a pair of gray casual pants.

I spent most of my time at Mom's cleaning dog pee spots on her carpet.  Sometimes I can't stand Teddy.  I like big dogs that mostly stay outside.  

Picked up the kids from school at 2:30.  Ron had a dentist appointment, so he got home early.  And Josh is home from school, so we're all home now.  
Little Favorites:  Josh and Cyrise got me a little green ceramic birdhouse when they were in Rockport over the weekend.  It looks like a lighthouse, and is so cute.  I hope some of our birds will like it.  I have wrens in my little homemade birdhouse again.  Birds make me happy.

Memories:  When I was a child our vacations were always trips back to Oklahoma to visit relatives.  I loved being with my cousins, riding horses, swimming in the cold, clear creek, seeing my great-grandma with her gray hair in a bun and a big apron over her dress, cooking in her kitchen.   My great-grandpa would sit on the porch in a ladder back chair leaning against the wall, wearing a felt hat, an old brown suit jacket and smoking a pipe.  Certain tobacco aromas still take me back to my childhood sixty years later.  Grandma and Grandpa lived out in the boonies on Honey Hill.  We had to drive on rocky dirt roads, down into steep valleys and up high hills to get to their little house.  

If you've ever read the book, Where The Red Fern Grows, you can imagine the part of Oklahoma where my parents grew up.  My dad loved that book because he related to the boy in the story--his childhood was similar.  He loved to go 'coon hunting, and loved to hear the hounds baying as they gave chase.  I always think of my dad being wild and free as a young boy.  He was always outside, and never lost his love for nature.

Thank you, God:  for our family.  For all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  For Ron, our kids and grandkids.  For our parents.  For Ron's brother and my sisters.  For our nieces and nephews.  May those who have passed rest in peace, and may those who are still living be blessed abundantly.  Amen

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