Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five

1.  I had a PET/CT scan on Tuesday.  I saw my doctor Thursday, and he showed me the scan.  There is no sign of lymphoma.  I was very relieved because I've been having some balance problems lately, and I was afraid the mantle cell had returned to my spine.  He drew some spinal fluid out through my Omaya port last week, and it was perfectly clear.  We're still not sure what is causing the problems with my legs, so Dr. O wants me to have an MRI.  I thank God that it is not a return of the cancer.

2.  I was scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy Thursday, but since the scan was clear I didn't have to have one.  So thankful for that!  They are painful.

3.  The PET scan showed that I have sinusitis.  I thought it was just allergies.

4.  Mom and I went out to lunch today.  Yesterday she had packed some of her things again.  She was feeling confused.  I asked her where she thought she was going to go, and she said, "I don't know, I guess I thought I was going home."  Makes me so sad.  She likes her apartment, but sometimes it must feel strange to her.  Home to her is Kansas.

5.  While we were eating lunch, a tall clean-cut man came in and sat in the booth across from us at the restaurant.  He was wearing a big gun.  Rather than feeling alarmed by the gun, it made me feel safer knowing that if "bad guys" came in there was someone there who could deal with them.  Mom noticed the gun, too, and raised her eyebrows at me.  :o)

Happy Friday to all!


Karen Kup said...

The sinusitis may have a clue to your balance issues. Your inner ear may be being affected by fluid or inlfammation.

Kalona said...

Thank you, Karen. I hadn't thought of that!