Monday, April 15, 2013

My Weird Monday

What a weird day.  I slept late today because insomnia kept me up half the night.  I didn't wake up to see Reece off, I didn't wake up to take Aubrey to school (Josh was home for lunch and he took her), and I didn't get to Mom's until after 2:30 PM when I picked the kids up at school.  They were delighted to go to Great Gran's!

We stayed over there until after 4, and Josh and Ron got home shortly after we did.  I watched the kid swim for a bit, then watched the news about the bombings in Boston (how horrible!) for awhile.  Prayers going up for the victims and their families.

So my day has seemed out-of-whack, if you know what I mean.  I'm going to try to get to bed earlier tonight, even though I'm not a bit sleepy after sleeping so long this morning.

Josh buzzed Reece's hair this evening.  He looks so adorable, and I like feeling his little round head.  He sure didn't want a haircut, but once it was done, he liked it.  Then he didn't want to take a bath to get all the hair off, but Josh insisted, and Reece was happy after his bath.  Reece thinks going swimming can substitute for a bath.  :o)

Aubrey had a bath after Reece was finished, and then I put the girls down for the night.  We read a story, sang a couple of songs, and I tucked them in.  Later I was going back upstairs with a soda and Aubrey and Camryn were standing outside their bedroom door.  I said, "Get your fannies back to bed!" and they scampered away like two little scared rabbits.  They will use any excuse to get up.  Tonight it was "Cammie wanted a hug from Mommy," who had already given her hugs and kisses before bedtime.  

We worked on Reece's math facts and sight words before bedtime.  Then we listened to Celtic music while he fell asleep.  He loved the sound of the harp.  I love that kid.  He has my taste in music.  :o)

Well, that's been my weird Monday.  Hope yours was great!    

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