Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five

1.  We've had a slow, quiet week, doing just the regular stuff.  I get up to see Reece before he leaves for school, take Aubrey to school at 11:15, go to Mom's, and pick the kids up at school at 2:30.  

2.  Yesterday I had an MRI at Wilford Hall.  I can only deal with the MRI by keeping my eyes closed and never looking at how closed in I am.  It takes so long, and is very noisy and uncomfortable, but isn't it an amazing discovery?  I won't find out what it showed until next week, unless my doctor calls me before that.

3.  Our high temps for today and over the weekend are to be in the 80s and 90s.  The kids are already in the pool.  

4.  There are so many projects that need to be finished around here.  I'm thinking of making a "job jar" for Ron and Josh.  :o)

5.  Do you shop at Tuesday Morning?  We have a small one near us, and I've found some great bargains there.  A couple of weeks ago I got a set of king size sheets w/king pillowcases for $60.  They were marked $350 before the TM markdown.  They are so pretty (light brown with little white polka dots), comfortable, and they fit our mattress.  Most of the fitted sheets we have are too small and the corners pop off.

Have a happy weekend!  

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Linda said...

We *love* Tuesday Morning! It gets us in trouble. ;)
I also bought our sheets there- king size, 100% cotton WITH a duvet cover. It was a splurge (even though marked drastically down from retail) but I have not regretted it.
We've also bought many good quality toys made in Germany there, as well as English 'china'.
I hope your sleep patterns get back to 'normal'-- D has had issues when his meds change. I understand. :(