Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five

1.  I was at the BMT clinic yesterday.  I'm not even sure why I needed to go, but labs were done and I spoke with Dr. O for awhile.  He said that since no cancer was found in my spinal fluid, on the CT/PET scan, or on the MRI, he doesn't need to see me for 2 months.  I'll go back in 4 weeks to have my port flushed, but that's all they will do unless there is some problem.  

2.  Dr. O said that the MRI showed that I no longer have a spleen.  He said there was "just a little nubbin" where it was.  He said that the cancer and/or chemo destroyed it.  It's nothing to worry about.  I have to be careful anyway, because of my compromised immune system.

3.  I loved the coverage of the opening of President Bush's library and museum yesterday.  I've put one of my favorite quotes from his speech on my sidebar.  I miss him.

4.  San Antonio is celebrating Fiesta this week.  Today is the parade called Battle of Flowers.  The kids do not have school, and Ron has a day off from work.  It's a San Antonio thing.  :o)

5.  I ran by the thrift store a few days ago.  I got a couple of kid sized glasses (I've bought quite a few, but they have a way of getting broken), a set of four cute little footed glass dessert bowls that look so old fashioned, a tiny little ceramic bunny that I'll save for next Easter, and a small white statue of Mary that I'll give to Mom for a kitchen madonna.  The statue has wax around the bottom and needs a good cleaning first, though.

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