Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

Ron is home, safe and sound.  So afraid that he will get the flu.

All of us have been sick.  I do hope the kids will feel well enough to go to school tomorrow.  They have missed a whole week.  But I won't be surprised if they have to miss a bit more.  This flu has been really awful.  Obviously, my flu shot did not work.  It would have been a miracle if I had NOT gotten it, with all the little coughing children surrounding me.

On December 7 I celebrated the one year anniversary of my second stem cell transplant.  I am so blessed to still be alive and doing well.  My sister Johnnie's stem cells, nearly a perfect match to my own, are working beautifully.  I am so grateful for the amazing care I have received for the past two and a half years.  I have been fighting the cancer as hard as I can, and my wonderful doctors, my family and lots of people I don't even know have been fighting just as hard for me.  I thank God for them, and ask His blessings on all of them.

And now, Christmas.  Last year I was so so sick at this time of the year, and had to spend Christmas in the hospital.  I haven't done much to prepare for it this year, but I am excited to begin now. Let the cookie baking, candle lighting, decorating, and present wrapping begin!  :o)

Yesterday I was talking to Cammie (3 year old) about Christmas.  I asked her what Christmas was all about.  First she said "Christmas tree", then "presents," then she said "birthday."   I was so happy that she knew it was Jesus' birthday.  Then I made the mistake of asking, "Whose birthday?" and she replied, "Mine!"  :o)  So we had a little talk about the baby in the manger of the nativity set and who he is and how much he loves us and how much we love him.

Time to go to Gran's.  See you here again soon.

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