Saturday, December 22, 2012


We rented a U-Haul on Friday and got most of Gran's household goods loaded onto it.  It was after 5 PM by the time we got to her new place, and then all the unloading had to happen.  Thank goodness for Kelly and Josh!

We mostly just did the basics last night after getting her stuff unloaded; made the bed, got the TV and phone working, unpacked the food for the fridge and pantry.  

Today Ron and I took the moving van back, then went to the old apartment to load up the rest of the stuff in the car and pickup truck.  Josh met us there.  We still didn't get everything, but there's not much left now.  I vacuumed all the rooms except the kitchen, but they are keeping her deposit anyway, so I didn't knock myself out cleaning everything.  I'll vacuum the kitchen when we get the rest of the stuff out.

There's still a ton to do at the new apartment, trying to find a place for everything.  There is a bit less storage in this apartment.  We'll need to do some culling to make it all fit.

We have all been exhausted for the past two nights.  I worried about Mom the first night, afraid that she would wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where she was and suffer a psychotic episode.  But she said she slept well and didn't wake up all night.  Yay!

Having Teddy with her, and all her familiar things around her helped, I'm sure.

And now I am going to sleep and let this tired old body rest.  See you back here soon.


Adrienne said...

Moving is always a nightmare. Don't overdo.

I thought I might be working today and tomorrow (in addition to my Thur., Friday, Sat. schedule) but we decided that it wasn't necessary. I'm really glad.

Kalona said...

I needed that reminder not to overdo, Adrienne. I have a tendency to want everything done NOW.

So happy for you that you didn't have to work these two days. I hope you and your hubs have a blessed Christmas!