Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weird Week

It has seemed like a strange week. Reece is still sick. That tamiflu didn't do a thing to help him. I guess his flu was already too far along. You have to start it early, the doctor said. And today Cyrise and Camryn are sick. We're probably all passing it back and forth. Our schedule is all messed up, so I hardly know what day it is each morning.  

Yesterday (Tuesday) Kelly came and got me and we went up to the outlet mall in San Marcos. It was nice just to get out for a few hours and spend time with Kel. We really didn't shop much, but it was fun. I exchanged those big bras I ordered for some that fit. I ordered on-line for the convenience, and it turned out to be very inconvenient. I never have very good luck ordering things on-line. It's always better if I can just buy it locally. 

Kelly got some really cute little mini cocottes--four of them in different colors--at the Le Creuset store. She also got a cookbook with recipes for them, and something free. I think it was a square baking pan, but I'm not sure. She loves dishes and cookware. Me too. 

I'll be at the BMT clinic at BAMC tomorrow for my weekly labs. Dr. O increased my synthroid dose last week, and added folic acid to my meds, so I'm curious to see if anything changed.

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