Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Chitchat

Reece's pediatrician said he has the flu. We were surprised to hear that, since he's not had vomiting or diarrhea, but maybe he has some different kind of flu. He's had a headache and for two days all he would do was lie on my bed and sleep or watch TV (mostly sleep). He also had a high fever. He's been on tamiflu since Friday, and he feels a lot better, but still has that awful cough and his runny nose has returned. We are having the worst allergy season we've had for years, so some of his misery may be that.

We've been having warm weather--temps in the 80s. Everything is so green. After our drought last year it is a real relief to see the grass filling in, and the leaves so pretty and green. The bluebonnets across the street are blooming like crazy and look so Texas. We need to get some pictures of the kids.

A pair of finches made a nest in the wreath on our front porch and Josh says there are 3 little speckled eggs down inside. I can't believe they built their nest so close to the front door! And we have wrens in the little old wren house on the back patio. They are smaller and sleeker than the usual wrens we have in there. It's so cute to see them building--all of a sudden old nesting material comes flying out of the entry hole. I always mean to clean out the wren house before they come back, but they surprise me every year. Oh well, they took care of the housecleaning themselves. :o)

There is bird song everywhere--jays, doves, mockingbirds, wrens, the finches and sparrows. I love spring time.

Josh and Cyrise had a garage sale Saturday and today. They had mostly baby and kids clothes, and I didn't expect them to do very well, but they made a few hundred dollars and got rid of lots of clothes. They want to go to Rockport for their anniversary April 1, and wanted to make extra money. They took the leftover stuff to Goodwill. As they were packing up, a lady who had bought a bunch of little girl clothes earlier came by and bought more clothes and the bumbo.

Gina poked Aubrey in the eye Friday and she has barely been able to open it since, until this afternoon. Poor little thing, she just looked pitiful. She sure is a tough little girl, though. Reece had a little tee shirt with a bulldog on the front, and it's been handed down to Aubrey. He likes to see her wearing it, and calls her "Tough" as in "Come on, Tough. Let's go outside." She's a real tomboy. She loves little dresses, but needs to be dressed in jeans or shorts because she's always showing her hiney.

They were playing outside and got wet playing around the pool. That's why they aren't dressed in the picture (from my photo booth on my Mac).

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Kelly said...

Time to go shopping for some bathing suits for the girls! Eventually I suppose they will hate having their pictures posted half naked on the internet.

I'm glad Aubrey's eye is getting better, that must have been excruciating. Did she forgive Gina? :)