Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday With Reece

Reece, waiting for Papa to bring him a bedtime snack:

"Papa is going to bring me a white cake."

"Is he?"

"Yes. And I will eat the white cake and Papa will eat a Ding Dong. We like to do things together."

Lately he has been telling me all the different things that Papa can do. He says that Papa can do these things because "He's an artist."

He went to the park today with his parents and sisters. I kept Gina at home with me. She was so sweet. Reece came home and said to me, "Gramma, I have bad news." (Lately it seems as if he shares some "bad news" almost every day). He looked so worried and upset. I asked what the bad news was, and he said the man at HEB "...killed my shark."


I was so confused. I asked him, "What shark?" and he said that they bought a rubber shark at the grocery store, and the HEB man had "killed him." I asked why the man would do that, and Reece said, "I guess he didn't like him." He had a rubber crocodile to replace the poor murdered shark (I think this is about the 4th or 5th crocodile--they are all over the house).

It turns out that the teenaged bag boy had let the shark get caught up in the conveyer belt at the register, and it got all mangled. When Cyrise asked for it (because Reece wanted to hold it in the truck), the boy said, "Oh, I killed it." The boy was just being silly, but Reece was really upset. Cyrise said he cried. Of course that was the last shark; that's why he got the crocodile instead. But he is still talking about the untimely death of his shark, and had Papa print out a half dozen little shark pictures this evening.

The kids grilled some kind of beef roll-ups filled with spinach, feta cheese and black olives tonight for supper, along with some bacon-wrapped sausage-stuffed jalapenos. Meat of any kind is unappealing to me right now, but I enjoyed the spinach/feta/olive filling, steamed broccoli and the grilled jalapenos (stripped of bacon and sausage). Aubrey enjoyed the beef I didn't eat. She is the tiniest little bit of a thing, and I swear she eats like a man!

Time for sleep. G'night.

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