Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just A Little Chitchat

Good morning! I thought I had posted since last week, but I see I haven't.

Spring break is over and Reece is going to school again, so we're back into a fairly normal routine.

We had thunderstorms at the beginning of the week, and three areas around us were struck by small tornadoes! We don't see many tornadoes in our area and I didn't know a thing about them until the next day. Thank God no one was killed, but some people were hurt and homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.

I did take my Shark steam mop back to Target and they gave me my money back, but they didn't have another steam mop that I wanted. I'm thinking of getting a Eureka Enviro Steamer, since I've read more good reviews about it than any of the others. Reading reviews just makes me more confused, though, as there are good and bad ones about all of them.

Cyrise has been getting ready for a garage sale. She has washed and tagged five or six loads of baby clothes. Every time I go through the room she holds up something cute and says, "Remember this?" :o) They do bring back sweet memories.

Guess I'll go downstairs and find something for breakfast. Reece had his usual oatmeal this morning and it smelled cinnamon-y and good. Have a great Wednesday!

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