Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fun

This week flew by quickly. Reece has been on spring break, so we haven't had to get up so early and he's been staying up late and sleeping with me and Papa. Now we need to get him back on schedule and back into his own bed. Josh and Cyrise took all of them to the park to ride the train today. They had fun.

Here's Josh with his four babies--Reece and Aubrey in front with a space for Mommy, Josh holding Gina next to Camryn in the seat behind them. Cyrise took the photo with Josh's phone.

Ron and I were at BAMC yesterday for my weekly labs. I was afraid I'd have to have a blood transfusion, but my counts were okay. Low, but not low enough for a transfusion. I've got the virus that's going around, and Dr. W (filling in for Dr. O) sent us to the pharmacy for a boatload of meds for my symptoms. He said a virus will run its course in 7 to 10 days, so it should be gone by next Monday. Meanwhile, I'm to go in right away if I get a fever or feel worse. My cough sounds awful, and my sinuses are constantly draining, but I don't really feel too bad. I have antibiotics, just in case something turns into an infection. They did a chest xray yesterday, and Dr. W said it looked okay.

I'm going to return the Shark steam mop I bought; I'm really disappointed with the results. Cyrise and I have both used it, and it leaves the tile dull and streaked. I like the steam, though, so I'm going to find a better one. I should have read the reviews before I bought it, but it had been highly recommended by one of my nurses, so I thought it would be good. Oh well, live and learn.

Ron bought a new flat screen TV for our bedroom. It's nice, but I had not missed the one that quit working at all. I'd rather have spent the money for other things for the house.

Been doing lots of laundry today, and cleaned the kitchen and stove. I should have cleaned the fridge. Cyrise went grocey shopping today and got so much stuff. Good thing they have their chest freezer here, or we wouldn't have room for everything.


Jennifer Mulkey said...

The kids are so cute!!! Keeping you in my prayers constantly. Hoping your immune system works to get rid of whatever virus you have, will pray for it. Also, still praying for your immune system to completely accept the transfer. Have been reading along, but so much has been going on here, that I haven't had much time to post back to you. But you are always in my prayers. Hope to hear you are feeling better very soon. Blessings.

Kalona said...

Thank you, Jennifer! I've been trying to keep up with the board, and have been praying for you and Tom as well. I had no organized, thought-out plans for Lent this year, but it seems the Lord had his own plans for our 2012 Lenten journey. I pray that all that you and Tom have endured, and are still enduring, will bring you even closer to Him. Continued prayers!

Linda said...

I'm surprised the doctors are so casual about you having a virus. I guess the stage you are in your treatment makes the difference? D is not permitted in crowds or around anyone if they have had ANY symptoms of ANYthing.
I know, this too shall pass.
I'm glad you are not forced to give up time with your grandchildren.

Kalona said...

The doctors are very strict when I'm neutropenic, Linda, but once my counts go up to a certain point they aren't as concerned. My new immune system seems to be working pretty well. Probably because he is a child, the doctors are a little more careful with D. I'm glad they are restricting what he can do so that he will stay safe. Continued prayers for your little guy and you and the family.