Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Chatter

I talked with my sister Sandi yesterday, to get an update on baby Finn. He is doing better. They tried to take him off the ventilator, but had to put him back on. They were going to try again later in the day. If he can stay off it for 24 hours, he will be able to go home. Thank you for your continued prayers for this little guy.

We're expecting our son Jason and his family later today, or tonight. I'm so looking forward to having all our kids and grandkids here for Christmas.

Reece was here last night. He interrupted the gift wrapping marathon. I got most of them wrapped, but still have some to do. When he is here it's hard to get interested in other things. He steals all my attention. :o)

I have lots I want to do before the kids get here, so I'd best get off this computer and get busy.

That little Santa ornament above is a painted dried okra--yeah, okra, the vegetable. I think I have 3 or 4 or them. I thought they might mold or spoil, but I've had them for years and years, and they're still fine. Weird, but fine. :o)

BTW, our high temp today is supposed to be 81. It's 75 right now, so I expect it will get there. Feels like early summer. I love Texas!

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