Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fourth Sunday of Advent

It's been a quiet Sunday. We went to Mass, then had lunch at Mom's (beans and rice with cornbread--carb overload)! :o)

I didn't use all of the lights and garland on the stairs that I usually use, so decided to put the leftover garland and lights on the patio. I asked Ron to get the ladder from the garage for me, and of course he took over the task of hanging them. (I didn't plan it that way. No, really). ;o) They look so cute. Now it will be Christmasy when the guys sit out on the patio smoking cigars and drinking their Jamison. Josh says we need a new chiminea. The bottom fell out of the old one, so I guess he's right.

We don't have any lights in the front, just a wreath on the front porch, but I like to put electric candles in the upstairs windows. I need another extension cord.

I got boxes at the Dollar Tree. I'm going to wrap presents tonight. The grands from Houston will be here this week, and I don't dare leave unwrapped gifts around, even hidden in my closet. I also got a box of Christmas cards for Mom. Her neighbors have given her several, and she wants to reciprocate. We'll probably give them a little gift, too. One year we gave loaves of orange cranberry bread, last year small tins of fudge. This year we're thinking little bags of cookies tied up with pretty ribbon.

See that little handcrafted ornament in the picture? I guess it's some kind of Santa Claus. I got it years ago. It's made from a small pine cone, some gesso, a bit of paint and a sprig of garland. It used to scare the heck out of our oldest grandson when he was little. If it was on the tree, I'd have to take it off and put it away when he was here.

I hope you're enjoying your Christmas preparations. Less than a week now! Veni, Emmanuel!

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