Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elf Child

Reece spent the night last night and brought along an elf child. :o)

They have played so sweetly together. You can tell that Reece loves his little sister. Yesterday he put his hand gently on her cheek and said, "Pink." She had been playing and her cheeks were a little pink. And of course she is crazy about him. She calls him "Ree" and wants to do whatever he is doing. If he asks for a cookie or a glass of chocolate milk, Aubrey says, "What about meee?"

They got up so early this morning. We are going to see Great Gran a little later, and I hope they won't have a meltdown over there because they're sleepy.

They love the Christmas tree and will just stand or sit in front of it looking at all the ornaments. I told them not to take off the ornaments, but sometimes I'll find one in some strange place in the house. Some of them are nearly irresistible to little kids because they are like little toys.

It's been fun having both of them here. I love them so much!


Sarah Oldham said...

You can tell you love them so much! They are so sweet, but you know that. Your tree is beautiful. Dan is taking time off beginning Friday, which is when we'll hoist our tree out and up and get her decorated. I can't wait! The nights are so pretty with just the tree to light up the room.

Kalona said...

Sarah, thank you! I know you'll have fun decorating your tree and celebrating with your family. I hope you have a mele kalikimaka! :o)

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Christmas is just such a wonderful time & so much fun sharing these times with children. Love you! Sandi

Kalona said...

Thanks, Sandi! It is fun to see Christmas (the whole world, really) through their eyes. Love you, too!

Julia said...

What a sweet little elf!

Kalona said...

Thank you, Julia. She's a sweetie. :o)