Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gramma Time

It was so nice to have Reece with us last night and this morning. He just gets sweeter and funnier all the time.

I got out some Advent items before he came, and he was so delighted with them--a simple little Advent calendar (pictured with the first two windows opened), the Advent wreath, and the nativity sets. He played with the little Fisher Price nativity all evening.

There were some strings of lights in the closet and I took them out to see if they worked. Reece saw them and immediately wanted to plug them in. Only one string worked, but he loved playing with them. They have a little button you can push to change the way the lights come on. Sometimes they would come on slowly, then change colors. Then he would push the button to make them flash like crazy, or to make just the green ones come on, or just the blue ones.

He's still fascinated with the furnace and likes to open the door and look at the fire whenever he hears it getting ready to come on. It is pretty interesting to have fire in a closet, I guess. :o)

He and Papa made their usual trip to HEB. This time he came home with a little set of 3 airplanes and a helicopter, but he really didn't play with them much. He was more interested in the nativity set and the lights.

Oh, and he has discovered the old fashioned cartoons called Silly Symphonies and loves to watch them on YouTube. We watched The Three Little Pigs, The Wise Little Hen, Father Noah and the Ark, and one about a little elephant. Some of them we watched several times. :o) These are cartoons I remember from when I was a little girl. They are so much better than the ones they show now--the artwork, the music, the classic stories.

The little nativity set plays Away In A Manger, and I was singing the song to him. He kept pushing the button to play the music, wanting me to sing. After awhile, he began to sing it too. I love to hear him sing. It just melts my heart.

He wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I threw away my little griddle because it was worn out, but I remembered that I had a big flat griddle that never worked very well on my electric cooktop. I hadn't tried it on the gas one, so I got it out and used it. It works great! Now when our other grands come, I'll be able to cook lots of pancakes at once for them. :o)

Reece and Papa bought some Campbells Cars soup (the noodles were shaped like the characters from the Cars movie) and some Christmas tree cookies frosted with green frosting at HEB. We took those to Gran's this morning because Reece wanted to have lunch with her. She liked the Cars soup and the cookies. :o)

Reece was enchanted with Gran's Christmas decorations. He walked in and said to her, "How did you do all this?" It was so cute. He played with her nativity set and touched all the ornaments on her little tree. He loved the lights outside on her patio (she turned the lights on for him). He was all smiles the whole time we were there.

When I took him home, he was excited to show me his Christmas tree. His daddy has also put up lights on the house. Cyrise said the little girls have already been taking the ornaments off the tree. She very wisely used only the plastic ornaments on the tree this year.

It was fun to see the girls, and hold baby Gina. She is growing, but still such a little peanut. She felt heavier, and her hair seems to have grown longer. She's very alert, and was looking all around. She is absolutely beautiful.

Life is sweet.


Sarah Oldham said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying your sweet life! God is good and you are a wonderful gran!!!! Your words are poetry - such love for you family, it brings tears to my eyes.

I'm a sentimental gel, so . ..

God bless you.

Kalona said...

Aww, Sarah, thank you! I'm glad you don't get tired of my gramma posts. :o)