Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread and Grandkids

We've been having fun with the grandkids.

Last night we decorated a gingerbread house. It's smaller than the one we had last year, but they didn't mind.

They took turns putting the candies on the house.

Here is Reece, having his turn.

Jacob, decorating the windows.

Lily, working on the roof.

And Ahlyssa, putting on the finishing touches.

The four of them with their gingerbread house.

Today Lys, Lily and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and got tulle to make tutus for Aubrey and Camryn. They were super easy to make, and the girls loved doing it. Pics and instructions later.

Next projects: fudge and Christmas mice. :o)I know the pictures are awfully dark. My camera just does not take good pictures at night.


Sarah Oldham said...

Merry Christmas!
They are so stinkin' cute!!! Enjoy!!!

Kalona said...

Merry Christmas, Sarah!