Friday, December 17, 2010


Friday was a busy day. I was at BAMC all morning. I had an 8:30 appointment with my ophthalmologist for my annual diabetes eye exam. Of course I had to wait awhile. No problems caused by the diabetes, but he prescribed an ointment and some drops for dry eyes. We finished about 10 and I went to the pharmacy. The waiting room was jam packed, but I also needed to pick up a refill for my Synthroid, so I decided to wait. I waited for over an hour.

I was supposed to pick up Ron at work (we are down to one vehicle because Josh is using the truck) so that he could go to a Christmas party that started at 11:30. But first I had to go to Mom's. On the way over there I realized I had forgotten to fill her pill box. There was not a single pill in it. :o\ She was so sweet about it. I rushed in, did a couple of chores, gave her a hug and rushed out.

Ron drove me home and went on to the party. My eyes were dilated, so I had to wear my sunglasses and everything was kind of blurry. They stayed that way until the end of the day!

Ron got home around 2 PM. We went over to the shopping center near our house and got quite a bit of Christmas shopping finished. It was fun because we didn't try to do too much, and we knew what we wanted.

I called Josh this evening to see if Reece was coming to spend the night. Josh brought him over a little while ago. He came in holding peppermint candies, calling them candy canes. :o) I was putting lights and garland on the stairs, and he enjoyed that. He loves the colored lights.

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