Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whirlwind Thursday

I've been on the go since early this morning.  

Yesterday when I got to Mom's, she said that her tooth was hurting.  I called her dentist and got an appointment for her at 10 AM today.

We also had an appointment for Teddy to be groomed at 9 AM.  So I went over to her apartment at 8:30 AM and she had forgotten all about the appointments.  I told her that I'd take Teddy to the groomer while she took a shower and got ready for the dentist.  I turned on the shower and made sure she got in before I left.  Otherwise she is likely to forget what she's doing as soon as I go out the door.  

She was still in the shower when I got back from taking Teddy to the groomer.  I hurried her up, gave her some biscuits and gravy and a cup of coffee and we were off to the dentist after she brushed her teeth.

I needed to take Aubrey to school at 11:15, so I left Mom with the dentist and ran home to pick Aubrey up.  Dropped her off at school and went back to the dentist.  He was nearly finished filling Mom's tooth.  We were just leaving the dentist when the groomer called to say Teddy was ready.  So off we went to pick him up.

 I didn't stay long at Mom's, but ran by the store on the way home.  At 2:25 I left again to pick up Aubrey at school.  (Reece stayed home today because he had a sore throat this morning).

Aubrey and Reece played outside for awhile after school, sliding on the slip and slide and jumping in the pool, and always always wanting me to watch.  Then they went inside and played the Wii.  

Josh got home from school and asked if I'd watch the kids while he and Cyrise went to get gas.  He brought home some food from Taco Cabana, so now I'm having a quesadilla and diet coke.  Pretty good.

And now Ron is home from work, and I'm ready to rest.

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