Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Camryn with flowers.
What a wonderful Mother's Day we had here yesterday.  The weather was perfect.  Kelly and Mom came over in the afternoon for a hamburger and hot dog cookout.  We stayed outdoors most of the day.  

Cammy and I gathered a few flowers from around the yard to make little centerpieces for the two outdoor tables.  We put tablecloths on the tables.

Ron blew the leaves off the patio, the kids picked up all the toys in the yard and Josh grilled the burgers and dogs.

My glass birdbath.

Kelly gave me a beautiful glass birdbath and brought a strawberry pie and potato salad.  Josh and Cyrise gave me a gorgeous white orchid.  They also brought home chocolate covered strawberries and an ice cream cake for all of us.  Jason called from Houston and talked for quite awhile.  It's always wonderful to talk with him.  

Reece and Aubrey went swimming and kept us entertained with their funny antics.  Mom loves being with the kids, and got such a kick out of all the crazy things they do and say.  Cammy talked her ear off, and Gina danced.  With four of them, there is always something going on.  They make us laugh.
Mom's gift bag, card and flowers.
I gave Mom a clock for her living room, a new lipstick and a Mary statue.  I bought her a scented jar candle, too, but forgot all about it until I took her home.  I'll take it to her tomorrow.  

Oh, and pretty pink vincas for the window boxes on her patio.  

The braided hibiscus Kelly gave her last year is blooming again.  We were not sure it would come back out, but it is doing great and has huge blooms.  She also has some pots of red begonias that have lasted for three or four years, a salmon pink geranium that continues to come back each year, and a large fern that I thought we would have to toss, but it surprised me by coming back to life.  I cut all the brown or dead leaves off a couple of weeks ago, and it looks pretty good.  Lots of new growth.

Ron planted the crepe myrtle that we got yesterday, and said that was another Mother's Day gift for me.  :o)  I love it.

Hope you had a great weekend and Mother's day, too.    

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