Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Date:  Wednesday May 1, 2013. 

Time and Weather: It's 69 degrees at 9:10 AM.  We've had some rain the past few days, but not enough.  The high today will be 89 degrees.  I'm sure the kids will be in the pool after school.  

Clothes:  Wearing my gray PJs this morning.            

Food:  I had a cup of pomegranate tea with honey and two pieces of buttered Health Nut bread toast with apricot jam for breakfast.

I've put beef and veggies and broth in the crockpot today, for soup tonight.      
I made Oriental chicken for supper last night.  It's a dish I used to make when we lived in Japan.  Once a month we had a newcomer's luncheon, and Asian chicken is what I usually made for it.  The newcomers always loved it.  The marinade smells heavenly.

Here's my recipe:

Oriental Chicken

2 pkgs chicken drumsticks (I like to use thighs)
1/2 C soy sauce
3 garlic bulbs, crushed
A few gratings of fresh ginger
2 T sesame oil
1 medium onion, sliced
2 1/2 T vinegar
4 to 5 T sugar

Mix all marinade ingredients and pour over chicken. Let stand in refrigerator overnight. Cook next day, in the marinade, about 40 minutes on the stovetop or about an hour in the oven.  Serve with steamed rice.

Sounds:  The little girls are playing in their room next door to mine.  I hear little squeals and laughter. 

Comings and Goings:  I've mostly just gone to Mom's this week.  Josh has been on break, so he has been ferrying the kids to school and back.  

Ron and I went grocery shopping for Mom Monday night.  
Little Favorites:  New hummingbird feeder.  We hung it up late this year, but a little hummer found it yesterday.  Our little wrens flew from the wren house last week.  I miss them.


Memories:  When our older two children were small, Ron and I used to go to Colorado for vacations with them.  Ron learned to fly fish, and one year in June we drove to Colorado in a red Pinto station wagon, pulling a pop-up camper.  Ron had a map with several little mountain lakes marked, where he hoped to catch some cutthroat trout.

I remember being so scared driving on a road on the side of a mountain where I could look straight down from the passenger side window.  I just knew we were going to fall off.  But we didn't.  

It was cold in the mountains in June.  We found the most isolated campground I've ever seen.  We were the only ones there.  At night we could hear coyotes or wolves howling.  In the morning, we had fresh caught trout, fried in an iron skillet over a campfire, for breakfast.  Best fish ever!

While we fished at that lake, a storm came up, with loud thunder and lightning.  I was terrified that my children would be struck by lightning, and remember running with them away from the lake and back to the campground.  

One of the lakes Ron found had a beaver dam.  We could hear the slap of the beaver's tale on the water as they warned the other beavers that people were coming.  Coming down from that lake, we ran into snow.  And we saw some mountain goats.  They were climbing down the steep mountain side--amazing!

At another lake near Steamboat Springs, we hiked up to the lake and could hear the sounds of a cattle drive somewhere close by.  We never saw the cattle or the cowboys, but we could hear them off in the distance.  I sat on a big rock, watching Ron fish and holding a sleeping Kelly on my lap.  While I was sitting there, a bird came and landed on my head.  I was trying to get Ron to look without scaring the bird away or waking Kelly, but I don't think he ever did see the bird.  It sat on my head for a couple of minutes, then flew away.

We love Colorado.  The beautiful mountains, the birds and animals, the scent of the pine woods.  We used to think we would like to live there, but now we are spoiled and like warm weather.  I don't mind a week or two of snow and cold weather, but would not like a whole winter of it.

Thank you, God:  for our beautiful world.  Amen  

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