Friday, May 3, 2013

End of the Week

We've been kind of busy the past couple of days.

Reece and his wonderful teacher.
On Thursday there was a meeting at the school with Reece's teacher and the special ed teacher.  He is in a regular classroom, but they pull him out a few times a day to help him with different subjects.  I'm so pleased with the way everyone at the school cares about him and loves him.  Everyone seems to know him, from the office staff to the teachers to the kids.  They said that he is doing well, and has come so far socially since last year.  Last year he mostly stood back and watched the other children.  This year he engages with them and plays.  And he told his teacher that Blake is his best friend.  I think that is so sweet.

Aubrey thought field day was fun!
I hurried to Mom's at lunch time but didn't stay long because the kids had a doctor appointment in the afternoon, and I went along to help since we took all four of them at once.  They were good at the doctor's, and all of them got good health reports.  

Go Reece, Go!

Today, Friday, was field day at their school.  I took them in the morning and stayed to help Reece's teacher.  By 8 AM we were all outside the gym.  There were all kinds of activities.  Each grade had a different colored tee shirt, but it was so cold and windy that most of the kids wore their jackets.  Most of them had brought blankets, too.  

Reece and Blake, ready to race.
Reece was in a bouncy ball race and did the three legged race with his best buddy.  It was so cute!  Aubrey ran a 50 yard dash and the sack race.  She was so tiny in the big burlap sack, and was having trouble, so the coach picked her up and helped her catch up.  Adorable!  

I stayed all morning, until around 12:30, when Reece's class went inside to have lunch.  They had sack lunches today.  The cafeteria was closed.
Aubrey's teacher helps her get ready for the sack race. 

The older kids were still outside running relay races when I finally left.  I was so tired, but it was fun.

Josh went to Gran's for me, and I crashed.  Took a long nap and just rested.  I'm so glad the weekend is here.  

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