Thursday, May 23, 2013


Date:  Thursday May 23, 2013. 

Time and Weather:  83 degrees at 1:10 PM.  It will get well into the 90s today, as it has for the past week and will for the next week.  It's already summer in south Texas.      

Clothes:  Black capris, blue, black and white striped top.    

Food:  A ham sandwich and cheddar chex mix at BAMC after going to the BMT clinic.        

Sounds:  Obama is on TV, Cammy is in the hallway outside my bedroom door, talking in her high little voice.  Today is her birthday (4), and she's excited.      

Comings and Goings:  Tuesday after I took Aubrey to school and went to Mom's, I headed to BAMC to pick up some meds at the pharmacy.  It didn't take long, so I had some free time.    

So I stopped at the thrift store.  I found a quiche dish in my Yorktowne pattern, a pretty butter dish, a delicate little cup and saucer (really a shallow bowl), two signed and numbered prints by an artist named Molly Jones, and three simple summer dresses for me.  Oh, and a sweet little tea set for Cammy's birthday.

Yesterday, all of us except Ron (who was at work) went to the mall to see Aubrey's art hanging in a gallery.  There were lots of schools represented, so a lot of art to see.  The kids played at the playground for a bit, and got some pretzel bites before we came home.  

My visit to the BMT clinic today was reassuring.  I've been worried the past couple of weeks because I've lost some of my ability to walk easily.  My labs were normal, and Dr. O said that the scans we've done recently show no cancer.  The nerves from my lower spine are tangled, which causes the tingling and numbness from my lower back down (imagine your buttocks and legs falling asleep--that pins and needles feeling).  He said I may have to live with that always, but to try strength training to help with walking, which is scheduled with a physical therapist next week.  Hope it helps!  

I have a band of sensitive skin around my midsection lately, from the graft vs host disease.  Dr. O lowered the tachrolimus level to protect my liver, and it has resulted in some increase of the gvh.  Blech.  Anything that touches or rubs against the sensitive skin hurts, like waistbands.

Little Favorites:
Texas Girls:  Cammy, Gina and Aubrey


Memories:  One of my favorite getaways around here is Gruene, which is just up the highway from us.  When Josh was in middle school (or maybe it was high school), he took a photography class.  One of his assignments was to photograph a business, so we went to Gruene and he photographed the oldest dance hall in Texas, Gruene Hall.  You may have seen it in the movie Michael, with John Travolta.  It was the scene where Michael, the Archangel, was dancing in a dance hall, and the ladies there all thought he smelled like cookies.  Anyway, Josh took lots of photographs there and developed them in black and white.  He got an A.  The pictures had an old-fashioned, soft look that I love.  I've always loved spending time with Josh, just us, and for some reason that time was special to me.          

Thank you, God:  For our children, who have all grown up to be wonderful adults.  I love them so much.  Amen

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