Tuesday, October 23, 2012

They're Home

Josh, Cyrise and the Grands are home from Rockport.  They got here about an hour ago, so excited and happy.  Reece caught five perch, and Aubrey caught three.  Cyrise said that Reece would just put his line in the water and catch a fish.  What a fisherman!  :o)

They were all chattering at once, trying to tell me what they did.  They stopped at the beach and had a picnic today before coming home, and Reece said the seagulls tried to steal their food.  He loves the seagulls.  

I got the family room cleaned up, steam cleaned all the tile (kitchen, breakfast room, powder room, hallways and foyer), and did a million loads of laundry while they were gone.  They were so pleased with the "pretty house."  :o)

I bought a new vacuum cleaner.  It's the same kind we got for Mom, a Shark (the pet hair one), and boy does it have good suction.  I never vacuum the pet hair, though, because it makes the vacuum smell like dog.  Our dogs have kennels by the back door.  They sleep inside at night, and from about 12 noon to 3 o'clock during the day.  The rest of their time is spent outside.  Their shed hair pretty much stays around their kennels, and I sweep it up with a broom.

Ron is in the middle of an exercise and has been going in at 5 AM and coming home late every night.  Most of his co-workers had to go out of town, but he got to stay here and coordinate things.  They are probably getting more rest than he is, though.

We're still having summer-like temps here.  I'm ready for fall!



Adrienne said...

Funny - I just bought a Shark Navigator and absolutely adore that thing. We have all wood floors and it works great. The pet hair attachment does a nice job on the upholstery. I couldn't believe the amount of filth I sucked up the first few times I used it.

Glad everyone had a good time.

Kalona said...

I agree, they are great little vacs. I've been using the one at my mom's, and decided I needed one, too.