Monday, October 8, 2012

October Chill

We've had lows in the 50s the past two nights.  Brrr!  The sunshine warms us back up during the day, but it is feeling like autumn around here.  I know those of you in the northern states are laughing at our "cold" temps, but they feel cold to us.  

Ron and I saw a family of four deer when we got home from Mom's today.  They were eating acorns out in the street down the hill from our house.  Two of them were fawns.  I didn't see the buck, but he was probably around.  The little ones were jumping around and acting so cute.  The grands enjoyed seeing them (Reece and Aubrey).  Amazingly they were still and quiet, so didn't scare the deer away.    

Tonight I went out to get some forgotten bags out of the trunk of the car, and I heard one of our owls hooting.  Oh I love that sound!

My tea olive is blooming.  It always blooms when the weather is cool.  Unfortunately, I can't smell it because I still have a cold.  I'm going to try organic apple cider vinegar with the "mother."  I've been reading about it online, and it seems like it might help my congestion.  You just put a tablespoon or so in a glass of water and drink it.  You can also use the vinegar over a salad.  I like vinegar with spinach.  I got some coconut oil, too, since I've heard good things about using it.  

Ron seemed to get over his cold and hoarseness quickly, once he got home.  He was off today for Columbus Day, but the kids had school.  Their parents have conferences with their teachers tomorrow (Reece) and next Monday (Aubrey).

Reece and I went to Walmart tonight.  Every time we finish working on his sight words or writing or whatever, he asks if he gets a gold star.  I never have any stars, so tonight we went to get some.  We had to go to Dollar Tree to find old fashioned gold stars; Walmart didn't have them.  And of course he wanted a couple of other little $1 things--a pointer that looks like a little hand in a white glove pointing with index finger, and some rubber erasers shaped like cars, trucks, tractors, boats, etc.  We got the girls some girly erasers, but they were already in bed when we got home.  None of them really use the erasers as erasers; they like to play with them.  They (the erasers) will be all over the house tomorrow.  :o)


Sarah Oldham said...

You can also use Apple Cidar Vinegar tablets found at a vegan or health food store. I have them because they work on acid indigestion, believe it or not! :) I am all over the natural stuff - works better than anything OTC.

Love how you treat your grands so sweetly. Gold stars are difficult to find aren't they? I couldn't find them anywhere when I was home schooling the kids when they were younger and cared about such things. Used little smiley faces.

Love to you!

Kalona said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the heads up about the acv tablets. I didn't know they had those. I tried the acv in water last night (afraid that the acid would give me heartburn or hurt my mouth), and it wasn't bad at all. No sore mouth, no heartburn. The organic vinegar had a milder flavor than I expected.

Yes I was surprised when Walmart didn't have the stars. Dollar stores are great for little things like that, though. Reece's stars included red, blue and silver ones, too. :o)

Kelly said...

Sounds like things are looking up! I just wish that cold would go away. :(

Tonight our AC broke down again. I think it's just overloaded from all our hot summers, plus it's dirty (coil needs to be cleaned). The last time it stopped working the repair guy said we needed an upgrade. I'm SO ready for a new one! We probably won't be able to get anyone out here until Monday and I saw that the high tomorrow is in the 90's - at least it's not in the 100's!

Love you!

Kalona said...

Hi Honey,
So sorry you're having AC problems. Wouldn't you know the hot weather would return when your AC is not working! Hope it's an easy (and inexpensive) fix. You're welcome to come spend as much time here as you like if things get too uncomfortable.

I sent you an email about the "cold," which turned out to be just allergies. Today's chest x-ray was as clear as a bell. It's all sinus and drainage. Yuck. Dr. O said to keep using Allegra and Flonase.

Love you!