Sunday, October 28, 2012

A "Sweet" Weekend

I'm up late, enjoying the quiet, peaceful night.  I'm sitting at the kitchen counter and Sis and Katy are snoring lightly in their kennels behind me.  I've had two cups of hot ginger peach tea with raw unfiltered wildflower honey.  It's 49 degrees, and I needed something to warm me up.  (Supposed to get down to 43 by morning).  

Reece and I went to Gran's Saturday and today.  She just brightens up when she sees him, and he knows that she will play whatever he wants with him.  Today we made her some brownies and they ate them out on the patio while they played with cars and trucks.

I went shopping for candy and root beer tonight for "teacher appreciation day" at the kid's school.  The theme for the day is "You deserve chocolate," and volunteers were asked to bring chocolate candies, A&W root beer drinks and purchased cakes and cookies.  I'll drop them off at school tomorrow.  The teachers and staff will be surprised with their chocolate on Wednesday.

I also bought candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters, and a little package of pretzel M&Ms because I like salty and sweet and have been wanting to taste them.  I'll try them tomorrow.

Reece needed some jeans, and I got t-shirts, socks and underwear for him as well.  I found his jacket in my closet; we thought he had lost it.  So he doesn't need a new one after all.

Dr. O suggested I take some vitamins, so I bought those, too.  I've always hated the vitamin taste and upset stomach I would get from vitamins, so I got some that are peach gummies.  Yum, they taste like candy.  I'll have to hide them from the kids.

Ron had to work all weekend on the exercise they are doing, and now it looks like it won't be executed because of the hurricane.   It was to take place in Virginia, where his co-workers have been all week.  They will be stranded there for a day or two now, because of cancelled flights.  So glad Ron didn't have to go!

I'd better get myself to bed.  Have a good week.
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Kelly said...

So glad to hear all the good news about your results on the BM Biopsy and that your cold/infection that was making you cough is going away - finally!

Let's get together soon, I want to buy some plants - I miss my african violets in the window.

What are the kids for Halloween this year?

Kalona said...

Hi Sweetie,
I sent you an email.

Yes, it is wonderful to have some relief from the coughing. Dr. O thinks I had pneumonia. The PET scan showed some "fuzziness" in my lower right lung. It was never diagnosed because my chest x-rays always came back clear.

Yes, lets get together soon!

Reece was an Angry Bird (Ice bird), Aubrey was a candy corn witch, Camryn was a bee, and Gina was a zebra (wearing the same little zebra costume the older sisters wore). They all looked cute. Reece would not wear his costume on his head, but that was okay. He still liked it.

Love you!