Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Five

1.  I had a PET scan yesterday.  Results next week.

2.  The bone marrow biopsy I had last week showed absolutely no signs of cancer.  And the skin biopsies were also benign.  Yay!

3.  Dr. O is giving me IV iron next week.  It's a once a year treatment, and should give me more energy.  I can't wait to have more energy.

4.  The antibiotic I've been taking seems to be helping with the sinus infection or whatever I had.  One more week on that and hopefully it will be wiped out.

5.  We've got cooler weather and gray skies, I think as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Reece wore a jacket to school this morning, but he needs a new one.  This one was a little bit small.

That's it.


Therese said...

So glad to hear about no more cancer Kalona. Our weather is starting to warm up now.

Sarah Oldham said...

AMEN! I'm chuffed to bits for you. Rest assured, I am continuing to pray for you daily. I know I don't always comment (lazy; don't want to bother signing on; and, I have this "lazy" bit about blogging, too). Anyway, you have my love and prayers!