Monday, February 6, 2012

Vet Visit

Josh and I took Teddy to the vet today. We left him there for tests and x-rays. His blood work was perfectly normal, but he did have some inflammation in a couple of places along his spinal column, and that's what has been causing his pain. The vet gave us some steroids and a prescription for muscle relaxers. She said that it could have been caused by any number of things, including Teddy jumping off the couch or bed, and that little dogs with long spines and short legs are prone to this kind of injury. I am so relieved that he doesn't have pancreatitis or something. He did eat when we took him home, so I think he was feeling a little better.

It's been gray and rainy here today, and I've felt chilled all day. I'm sitting here wearing my sweatshirt hoodie in the house.

Another day at the BMT clinic tomorrow.

That's about it for now.


Adrienne said...

Please don't think of this as an insulting inquiry (like I think you're stupid, or something) but does Teddy have a footstool to jump up and down on the bed and couch?

Our new little Frankie has short legs, barrel chest, and long spine. The first thing we did was teach him to use the footstool. It took about 5 minutes for him to get it. He does get excited and takes flying leaps off the bed ever so often and I cringe every time.

He doesn't even try to jump on the couch since he's usually in his "office bed" while I'm blogging.

Kalona said...

Adrienne, we've been talking about getting Teddy a bench or footstool ever since Mom got him, and haven't done so. He always seemed to do so well getting up and down that we didn't worry about it too much, but it is definitely something that needs to be done now. Thanks for the reminder. And Frankie is a real cutie!

Adrienne said...

Frankie has my eyes...