Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, Monday

Foggy and cloudy here this morning--sixty degrees, going up to 66. Reece had his oatmeal and off he went to school with his backpack loaded with snacks and his kinderkeeper. I love him so much. I pray that he has a wonderful day and that he is safe at school.

Aubrey and Cammie were sitting in the hallway this morning, where they could see the TV. They had their blankies and stuffed animals. I asked them why they were sitting there and Cammie said, "We peeking." They are so funny.

Our weekend was nice and quiet. Josh grilled a steelhead trout with herbs on Friday, so I didn't make the salmon patties. I'll do that this Friday. Saturday Josh barbecued ribs, which were delicious.

I have been planning to make little raspberry tartlets ever since I saw a recipe in a magazine Kelly brought me while I was in the hospital in December. The kids got the ingredients for me, so I plan to make them today.

I have the news on--none of it good. I don't know why I even turn the TV on; it's depressing.

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