Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Chitchat

Chilly and a little rainy here today.

Reece went on his field trip to the rodeo with his class. This is the third field trip they've been on. He always has a good time, but comes home tired and grumpy. He said they looked at the animals and the bulls were "scary." He said he saw a rhinoceros; I'm a little confused about that. :o)

Tomorrow is Rodeo Day at school and they can dress in western wear. The rodeo is a big deal in San Antonio every year, and lasts for more than two weeks. We're kind of in the middle of it right now (Feb. 9 to Feb. 26).

Josh took me to BAMC this morning. I had lab work done, then waited and waited for the pharmacy to get my methotrexate ready. I didn't have to have anything else, so that was good, but I was there until 1 PM.

My chimerism test showed that my cells are 97.4% Johnnie now, another good thing! And still no signs of any rejection or graft vs. host disease.

Dr. O had the pictures from the CT/PET scan, and we looked at them, but he said the expert still needs to look at and interpret them. He thought everything looked good. There were a few little spots that were lighting up that could be lymph nodes, but he said they are so tiny that he's not too concerned and they could be some that are disappearing rather than growing. We couldn't see anything abnormal in my spinal area.

He gave me the methotrexate in my Ommaya port. I'm a little nauseous this afternoon. I keep running to the bathroom gagging, and Reece is feeling sorry for me. The nausea meds aren't helping much lately.

The BMT clinic has moved from its temporary quarters in a trailer sort of thing to their new digs in the new part of the hospital. It is so nice! They just moved yesterday, so they're all still learning their way around. The BMT ward will move onto the floor next week, so they will all be together. It will make it much easier for the staff (and the patients).

I'll go back next Tuesday for labs and Dr. O will have the report from the CT/PET scan expert by then.

Oh, I saw the transplant doctor who did my first transplant in September 2010 as we were leaving today. He has been in Afghanistan and got back in mid-December, but has only been back at work for a week. It was good to see him, but he looked so thin! I gave him a hug and told him I'm glad he's home safely. I asked him if he saw Dr. B in Afghanistan, and he said that they were not in the same area. Dr. B is in the cold part; Dr. W was in the hot part.

I forgot Gran's pills this morning, so Josh took them back to her for me after he picked Reece up at school. I didn't feel like going since motion seems to set off the nausea. He is such a sweet son. He's incredibly kind and gentle with Gran.

Ron is home from work now, a little earlier than usual. Cyrise is going to make chicken stir fry for dinner. That sounds good. Have a great evening.


Johnnie Enders said...

I LOVE GOOD NEWS!! SUPERCELLS!!! I hope you are feeling better every day. XOXO

Kalona said...

Yep, you've got 'em, and now, so do I. :o) Love you!

Kelly said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad your body is accepting Johnnie's cells so well. :) It's also good to hear that the BMT unit has finally received the green light to move into their new section. I'm looking forward to what the CT/PET results show.

So Reece saw a rhino at the rodeo?? Hmm.. :) Cute!!