Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Labs and Aubrey Time

Ron and I went to the BMT clinic this morning for my lab work. We were out of there by 10 AM! My labs looked good, the doctor thinks I am doing great.

We looked at the CT/PET scans again. There are five small spots that lit up on the PET scan, but they're so tiny they don't even show on the CT scan. Even the "expert" didn't know exactly what they are, but described them as "tubular structures." Dr. O has decided to take me off the tacrolimus (the med that keeps my body from rejecting the transplanted cells) by next week so that my new immune system can take over. He said that we need to assume the spots are disease, and eliminating the tacrolimus will give the new cells a chance to do their work.

He has reduced the tac several times already, until I was only taking .5 mg once a day. I'll take .5 mg every other day this week, then none after Thursday next week. He said it could cause graft vs. host disease to rear its ugly head, but so far I've had none, and the amount of tac I take is so small that I can't imagine stopping it will make much difference. We'll see. Whatever happens, I'll deal with it.

Dr. O also took me off a couple of other transplant meds. I'm so glad. I get tired of taking so many pills.

Aubrey has been keeping me company this morning, ever since I got home and she and her family got back from the park. They brought some good breakfast tacos, too. We've watched Little Bear and now she is brushing her teeth. Uh oh, now she has gone downstairs and brought back some gummy princess candy. And now it is nap time.

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