Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chinese Dragons and Not So Angry Birds

Reece still likes playing Angry Birds, especially the one with the Chinese dragon. He told me that the "evil dragon bumps into his eyebrows" when he dives down to get the golden fish. He says the cutest things. :o)

He likes for me to draw the different characters. When I drew the Chinese dragon, Reece told me not to forget the "sharps." The "sharps" are the pointy things along the dragon's back. I just love that he came up with his own (very descriptive) word for them.

Yesterday there was a flock of little birds in the tree in our backyard. The whole tree was filled with them. They were so cute, and moved and flew so quickly. Some were hanging onto the ends of little branches. I don't know what they were, but I loved seeing them. Today Josh said, "Did you hear that bird? It sounds so loud it must be in the garage!" Sure enough, one of the little birds was in the garage. He flew out when Josh opened the door.

The day before (Friday) we saw another huge flock of birds in the same tree. They were a little bigger than the ones we saw yesterday, and colored differently. We are in a bird migration flyway, so in the spring and fall we often see flocks of birds that we normally don't see around here. I love birds, so it is a lot of fun to watch them.

Ron has the day off tomorrow; he's having a four day weekend, which is nice. He's grilling bratwurst and sausages right now, and Cyrise just told me he got a steak for me (I'm not a big sausage fan). So I'm looking forward to supper. :o)

*Later* Yum, it was delicious.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

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