Friday, October 7, 2011

This and That

Photo of sunrise in Rockport taken with Ron's iphone.

The guys got home from their father/son fishing trip yesterday (Thursday). They had a good time; didn't catch too many fish, but Josh did get an 18" trout Wednesday night. I'm glad they got to spend some precious time together.

When Josh got here, he loaded up the truck with his family and all their stuff and headed right back to the coast. The kids were so excited to be going to Rockport. I hope they all get over their colds while they are gone. It sure is quiet here without the four kiddos. They will come home on Sunday.

Jason spent the night here, and is headed home today. Ron is driving him to our halfway meeting point where Jason's wife will meet them. They just left, and I am home alone for the first time in months.

Ron and Jason went over to Gran's last night, and they were able to get her TV working again, thank goodness. We need to have her cable box replaced, but they hooked the TV up directly to the cable, skipping the box, and at least it's working now.

Yesterday Kelly took me to BAMC where I thought I'd receive platelets and chemo through my ommaya and through my chest port. It turned out that I didn't need platelets (yay) and I only received the Rituxan through my chest port. I texted my doctor, mentioning that I didn't receive the other chemo. He called me back to say that the reason they didn't give me the chemo into my spinal fluid is that when they drew out spinal fluid last week, they didn't find ANY cancer cells in it. So I didn't need chemo into my spinal column. (Yay again)!

Although I still have the cauda equina syndrome, recently I've noticed that my balance is better and I can walk a few steps without using the walker. I'm praying hard that my nerves are repairing themselves. From what I've read though, it takes a long time for nerves to heal.

Have a super weekend!


Jennifer L. Mulkey said...

I'm so glad to hear this good news !!!! Have been praying and hoping that things would get better and here is your post :) Will continue to keep you in our prayers, along with your Mom and the rest of the family. My Mom got chemo yesterday and the onc still won't drain her abdomen, but she's in really good spirits still, so that's a plus. The onc thinks that the chemo may still work, so we are still praying for a miracle. Thanks again, for all of your prayers and for letting everyone know, all of those prayers help hold her up :) Much love, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! Just wanted to say I love you and I'm happy to hear your news!
Sending you all my love and prayers! I'll be working all weekend - maybe I will get caught up. Big Hugs, Sandi

Anonymous said...

Such good news, Kalona. I'm very glad! You will miss all the family busyness, but maybe you will get a little more rest with the house quiet.

Thinking of you every day!

Your Emmanuel Friend

Linda said...

Oh, how I *love* Rockport!! I do hope to get there this fall. Glad things are looking up.