Saturday, October 15, 2011

She's a Match!

Latest news on the cancer front is that my sister Johnnie is a perfect bone marrow match for me! We still don't know when the bone marrow transplant will take place, and I don't know all the particulars about what we need to do next, but I'll keep everyone updated. I'm very thankful that Johnnie is a match and is willing to be a donor for me.

It's been a trying week, and next week promises to be even more stressful, with Mom needing to go to the lab on Monday before her doctor appointment the following week, an appointment for me with my regular oncologist on Monday, an appointment with my radiation oncologist for a 6 week follow-up on Tuesday, and the usual labs on Wednesday, and chemo and probably platelets on Thursday.

When I saw my radiation oncologist the last time, after I completed the radiation therapy on my spine, he said that he hoped the next time he saw me I could walk into his office. I am going to surprise him and do just that on Tuesday. :o) I have been practicing walking around my room without my walker, and I'm doing fine. I'm still a little unsteady and wouldn't want to go on any long hikes or shopping expeditions, but I'll be able to walk into his office.

I was under the mistaken impression that I wouldn't be receiving chemo through my ommaya port, since they didn't find cancer cells in the spinal fluid they withdrew the first time they used it. I just won't be getting it weekly. They would have given it to me through there on Thursday, but I was sick, so my doctor will do it on Monday. Each time they access it they will check the fluid again for cancer cells.

I'm on antibiotics for this respiratory thing I've got. I was so sick on Thursday; I vomited in the car on the way to the hospital (thank goodness Ron had a plastic bag), then again after I took the first of the antibiotics and while I was getting the chemo. My heart rate was so insane when they did my vital signs that they immediately did an EKG and sent me for a chest x-ray. It wasn't pneumonia. If it had been, they were going to put me in the hospital.

We were at the hospital for 8 hours on Thursday. When I finally got home I came straight upstairs. The littles wanted to see me, so they came to my room. I was sitting on the couch at the end of our bed, and when Reece walked in he said to me, "Do you feel bad, baby girl?" Then he came and put his arms around my neck to give me a hug. It was so precious! Then both Aubrey and Camryn came over, smiling and wanting a hug. They are so sweet. It made me feel better right away. :o)

What a whiney post. Sorry, readers.


Adrienne said...

Good news! Hope you're feeling a bit better soon. Eight hours at the hospital would make anyone tired and sick...

Jennifer Mulkey said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are going to be able to walk into the doc's office. Hurray! Not glad to hear that you are battling a bad respiratory infection :( Going to Mass in a minute, offering it up for you and your Mom and my Mom and now my husband, Tom, who is very sick, spent four days in the hospital. He has ulcerative colitis and it's affecting his heart, which only works at 30% now due to his heart attack three years ago. Lots going on. Please don't ever feel bad about telling us what is going on. It's human to reach out when you aren't feeling good, and it always reminds us to pray more. Sending love and hugs. Jennifer

Sarah Oldham said...

Thank God for good news! I'm pleased that your sister is willing to do this (I heard it is extremely painful?). Hell, I'd do it for you, too, if I were a match! I never think it's a question if it gives a person a chance to continue living, right? Right!

Love you bunches!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you every day and sending you my love.

Talked to Johnnie and she said sometime after the 26th of October you might know more about when they will do the procedure. I'm praying it is soon.

Big Hugs, Sandi

Linda said...

I didn't think it was whiney-- I see good news there! yay!