Monday, October 3, 2011

Chemo, Sisters, Visitors, Rockport

Picture from April, 2010--our last trip to Rockport.

It's been awhile since I posted. The week sure went by quickly.

Last week on Thursday I had labs, received platelets and had my first round of chemo. They gave me Rituxan through my ommaya reservoir and through my port. I tolerated it well, just a little itchiness in my ears and scratchy throat. I did have some nausea during the following days, but not too bad. I slept most of the day Thursday, from the benedryl I think. They always give benedryl and tylenol before transfusions and before chemo.

I haven't been back to the hospital since then. My doctor believes that I'll need platelets again in about a week, so I'll do the same things next Thursday, except that I'll have labs done the day before. I'm taking all kinds of medicines, of course. Some of them make me feel sick.

Because the radiation I had earlier has messed up my bone marrow's ability to make cells, my doctors want to go ahead with the bone marrow transplant sooner than expected. Since I can't use my own cells this time around, they asked if my sisters would be tested to see if they are a match for bone marrow. They mailed a kit to my sister in Kansas, but they gave me the kit to give my sister Sandi from Bryan since she was going to be here over the weekend.

Sandi called me at lunch time today to let me know that she had done the labs and they were going to send it back today, so my doctors should have it tomorrow. There was a FedEx envelope to overnight it back in the kit. She is really hoping that she's a match; she wants so badly to be able to do something to help me. I am blessed to have so many people who love me.

It was nice to have Sandi here this weekend. She stopped on the way in to visit, before going on to Mom's. Then she and Mom came over in the evening for a visit. Our oldest son, Jason, also arrived Saturday. His sister-in-law gave him a ride to San Antonio, so I got to visit with her and see her two oldest children in the afternoon. That was such a pleasure. So Saturday was a really busy day and I was up and down the stairs several times during the day. By evening I was worn out.

On Sunday Ron, Jason and Josh left for Rockport. They have been planning a guys only fishing trip ever since last year when we were in Rockport. Ron almost cancelled because of my treatments, but I told him I wanted them to go. Our sweet Kelly volunteered to come and stay with us while Ron and Josh are gone. She drives Reece to school, goes to Grans and will take me to my doctor appointments. She and her dogs arrived Sunday evening. I know it's not comfortable for all of them to be here; she and the dogs are all homebodies. But she doesn't care; she just wants to help. And she is! I don't know what we would do without her.

We've talked with the guys several times, and they are having fun. They haven't caught any fish yet, but have gotten a few crabs. Josh said they were either too little, or nasty looking with barnacles on them, but they will keep trying. :o) Jason had to buy a new fishing pole because one of the guides on his broke off. Today when they called Ron and Jason were sitting on the porch in rocking chairs, just enjoying the beautiful weather and the Gulf. Josh had gone grocery shopping.

Our weather here is pretty, too. It got cold last night (in the 50s), but is in the mid-eighties today. Kelly and Gina are napping, Reece and the little girls are outside with the dogs, and Cyrise is downstairs keeping an eye on them. It's fairly calm and quiet right now. I told Reece he is the man of the house since all the guys are away. :o)


Jennifer Mulkey said...

Good to see you update. I was worried about you, although I figured you had started chemo and probably weren't feeling well. Hoping and praying things work out well again this time. You are so blessed to have the family that you have and to have so much love in your family. Wonderful that they are all rallying around you in a time of need. I hope they are all doing ok, and am including them all in our prayers, as I know the entire family feels it when one is ill. My Mom is not at all well. Her cancer has advanced to a stage quickly that we are talking about end of life issues with her. We have no idea at this point how much time, but we do know it is short. So things here are very hectic, but I continue to think about you almost daily, hoping you are doing ok, and praying for healing and much love for you. Just know that your cyber friends are out here, sending up prayers constantly for you, and hoping you can feel our love and imaginary hugs. Much love, Jenny

Kalona said...

Jennifer, thank you for your prayers, especially during this time of stress and sorrow in your own life. Yes, I am very blessed to have a loving family around me.

I'm so sorry that your mom is not doing well. My prayers for her, you and your brother, continue. Is you mother still at home? Have your discussed hospice care for her? I will pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for her.

Sending you love and many prayers.

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Thanks so much for the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It is such a wonderous thing :) We will know on Thursday whether or not she is going to go on hospice. We see her onc then. We are going to ask at this point if any more chemo will do any good, or if it's at a point where doing more will just keep making her worse. And if she's not actively on chemo, we can do hospice. If she's actively seeking treament, they won't put her on hospice. So we'll know more on thursday. Thanks also for your prayers at this time of your stress. Your prayers right now are powerful because of the suffering you are experiencing. I'm so blessed to have friends like you :) Love ya :)