Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fishing, Colds, Kelly, Dogs, Dinner and Gran

(Picture of the kind of trout the guys are hoping to catch tonight. This was taken last year at the coast).

The guys caught some trout last night, but they were not keepers. Jason talked to a fisherman who told them that the little ones were all they would catch in the early evening. He told them they need to fish about midnight to catch the big ones. So they are going out tonight. I hope they all catch some nice big ones. But they are having a good time and enjoying being together, fish or no fish.

Here at home, all the kids are sick. Reece has a terrible, deep chest cough and his little nose is running constantly. He had a fever last night and stayed home from school today. The little girls had a fever today, and have been little pills. Poor Kelly; she, Cyrise and I are almost certain to catch whatever virus they have picked up. As my doctor says, "They are little germ factories."

Kelly has been cleaning and reorganizing my bedroom. It already looks so much better, and she's not finished yet. She's an absolute angel. Her husband works not too far from our house, so he has come by the past two evenings after work to see her and the dogs.

I haven't spent much time with my dogs lately, and they miss me. So yesterday I went out and sat on the bench while Kelly let them out of the dog yard one at a time. They both came straight to me and jumped up next to me on the bench. They loved on me, and I loved on them and brushed them for about 30 minutes each. They still think I'm their mom, and that they are little puppies that can sit on my lap. :o) I love them so much.

Cyrise made salisbury steak, rice and veggies for dinner last night, and it was such a beautiful evening that we sat outside to eat. The kids thought that was fun. It's been awhile since we ate outdoors. It was nice.

Tomorrow I'll go back to the hospital for labs, and then Kelly and I will stop at Gran's. Kelly said Gran's television is not working right, and she couldn't get it fixed today. I think I know what is wrong and can fix it. Gran is always messing it up by pushing the wrong buttons. I hate for her to be without her TV; I know she is missing it. Sometimes she just turns it on "for company."

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