Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Chatter

Today Reece and his parents went with his class to the pumpkin patch. I hope they are having a ball! This is Reece's first time riding on a school bus. It's only 53* right now, but will warm up to a perfect 72* later. They will have a chilly visit with the pumpkins. :o)

My doctor called yesterday to let me know that my CT/PET scan looked good in the preliminary report. He was very pleased. Next week I'll see my new doctor, and have appointments with the pulmonary clinic, ob/gyn and opthalmology, in preparation for the bone marrow transplant.

*Later in the day*

Ron was home today, and we stayed with the little girls while Josh and Cyrise went with Reece's class on the field trip. The girls were good for us. The field trip lasted all day, and Reece enjoyed it, but was tired when they got home. He said it was cold, too. (I don't think it ever did warm up to 70*). Reece liked riding on the school bus. They saw farm animals, went through a hay bale maze, and rode on a wagon pulled by a tractor for a hayride. And they brought home a pumpkin. They were supposed to build a scarecrow and do a couple of other things, but didn't have time.

After they got home, I had to run over to the hospital for labs. Dr. B always likes to be sure my blood levels are okay for over the weekend. I feel fine, so I expect they are okay. Ron ran in at Gran's to give her her meds. She was doing great.

Not sure what the weekend holds. Reece has decided to be GI Joe for Halloween. We need to get him a black or green t-shirt. He has camouflage pants and a camouflage hat. He will wear dog tags and black underneath his eyes. I think he will be cute.

Have a great weekend!

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Adrienne said...

Always nice to start the weekend with good news...