Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Blessings

I talked to my youngest sister in Kansas yesterday. She and her husband were camping at a lake in northern Kansas. She said the people camping next to them were hosting several seminarians from someplace in Atchison, Kansas. She said the young men were having a ball, swimming, skiing, going out on the lake in the boat.

Johnnie talked to their hostess, who asked if they had been kept awake by the praying the night before. Johnnie had not heard the night prayers because she went to bed early. I wonder if she heard them last night. What a wonderful way to go to sleep!

She told the lady about me and asked her to ask the seminarians to pray for me. Later in the day Johnnie called me back and said not only did they pray for me, they celebrated Mass for me! It made me cry.

I am waiting for her to get back to me about exactly where they are from. I want to know more about them! Wasn't that a wonderful thing to happen?

On another "spiritual" note, the priest here at BAMC came by and gave me the anointing of the sick, which was very nice, too.

I'm glad someone is working on the spiritual aspect of things, because I don't seem to be able to focus much on that right now. All I can seem to say is "Thy will be done." That's why I appreciate all of your prayers so much.

PS: I had just posted this message when one of the hospital Catholic volunteers came by to ask if I wanted to receive Communion. What a sweet man he was! He actually got choked up during his prayers for me, and gave my shoulder a squeeze. We had a nice chat before he left. Sometimes people are so beautiful.


Sarah Oldham said...

You're beautiful.

Kelly said...

Hi Mom,

It's so sweet and touching to know how many people are praying for you, I can't even express in words what it means to me to know that you are in so many prayers. Thank you to each and every person who is praying for my Mom - it means the world to me.

Kalona said...

Aw Sarah, thank you. So are you!

Kalona said...

Kelly, I feel the same way about the prayers and thoughtfulness of people. It's wonderful. I love you sweetie.

K said...

I'm hoping to get myself up to BAMC Thursday or Friday. I'll call before I come!

Anonymous said...

I loved hearing about Johnnie's encounter at the lake. God is so good! I love you and I'm praying too! You are amazing! Love, Sandi

Kelly, I love you too!

Kalona said...

K, I'll probably be home by then, so give me a call on my cell if you still have the number. Otherwise, I have yours at home. I'll be coming up every day for my radiation treatments, but they can be outpatient. Not sure of times yet, though.

Linda said...

Thank you. <3