Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I'm home from the hospital. Got here last night around 8 PM, and it's so wonderful to be here! The kids and the dogs were glad to see me, and vice versa. :o)

I'll have radiation every day for the rest of the week, and each week day of next week. I've had 5 treatments so far, and will have 7 more. Then we'll see where things stand. The treatments are targeting what we believe are abnormal mantle cells in my spinal cord. I'm praying that when the cancerous cells are killed, my nerves will heal and I'll regain the use of my legs. I can stand and move about with the walker, but I want full use again!

I bought new sneakers today that will hold some braces they gave me. They help hold up my toes, making it easier to walk. They look funny, but I don't care. Love the shoes--they're cute. Kelly was with me, and we bought her the hiking boots I'd promised her for her birthday. She has the cutest little feet, and the boots look adorable on her. Also got a couple pair of lightweight sweatshirt material capris that just pull on. Much easier for radiation.

Josh took me to the hospital for my treatment this morning, then we met Kelly at Great-Gran's for lunch. Gran is doing well, looked great, and had been busy cleaning. She was concerned about me, but not unreasonably so. I was so happy to see her doing so well.

We drove the truck, which is a bit high for me to get into in my current state. I thought we might need a step stool so that I could climb in, but Josh just picked me up and put me in, no problem. It would be wonderful to be so big and strong!

Those scrubs I'm wearing in the picture (from a few days ago) say, US Government Property, stolen if removed from premises. I don't why, but I thought that was so funny. I look so happy in the picture because I'm talking to Reece on the phone. :o)

Kelly's truck battery gave out while we were out shopping for our shoes. She didn't feel well anyway, and had a miserable afternoon. They did manage to get it home safe and sound (her husband came by to help out). Kel, take care of your cold, rest and relax! I love you.

I watched the kids swim this evening when Ron got home. They are doing great! Reece is a little fish, and Aubrey is not far behind.

Thank you friends and family for your love and prayers. I don't know how I'd manage to get through this again without you. I love you.


Jennifer Mulkey said...

Am so glad you are home. LOVE your hair :) It looks so cute short :) Keeping you all in our prayers. You are so amazing, your faith never seems to waiver through all of this, and you sound so serene :) Tons of love and hugs sent your way, along with the prayers :)

Kalona said...

Thank you, Jennifer! It lifts my spirits to read that you're praying for us still. I'm doing the same here for you, your mom and your brother. Not always strong and serene, but trying to keep the faith. Hugs always!

Adrienne said...

Wow!!! That is the best picture of you. You look beautiful...

Glad you're home. Time for a big juicy hamburger and a slew of fries.

My mom had radiation in exactly the same place and when they stopped the treatments her walking went back to completely normal (and she was way worse than you.) It only took a few weeks. I think it will be the same for you...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Sister! Love your picture, you are AMAZING! That's grace! God is so wonderful and you are so blessed Sharon. I love you! Praying for you every day, All my love, Sandi

Kalona said...

Oh Adrienne, I pray that it works out for me the same as it did for your mom!

A big juicy burger and fries does sound yummy right now. Feeling some fatigue today, but still have a good appetite. :o)

Thank you for the encouragement!

Kalona said...

Thank you for continued love and prayers, Sandi. Hope all is going well there and you're getting on top of things at work. Take care! Love you.