Thursday, August 4, 2011


My doctor has referred me to a neurologist. Some of the chemo drugs cause peripheral neuropathy, and I think that's what has happened. I have tingling and numbness in my buttocks muscles and down my legs. I can't wiggle my toes, and it's hard to lift my legs.

The neuropathy sometimes goes away on its own, and sometimes never goes away. We're not sure if it has anything to do with the coccyx pain, or whether that's an entirely separate issue. My feeling is that it is somehow related, but who knows?

Walking is difficult, but if I sit around too much I get stiff and it's even harder to walk. I'm still using the walker.

The yoga tape and mat that Kelly got for me arrived, and I've used it once, but some of the things I can't do at all. So I'm just doing what I can as gently and carefully as possible.

The neurologist is supposed to call me for an appointment. I have an appointment for physical therapy on August 10. I'm so ready to have something done about this. I hate not being able to function normally. *edit* Someone from the neurology clinic just called and set the appointment for August 23. I was hoping to get in much sooner!

So I am in my room most of the time, reading, watching TV, surfing the net and knitting. The kids and Ron have been so sweet, bringing me food, doing my laundry, etc. Reece likes to be here with me, and the little girls come in from time to time. I hobble into their room some nights, to read them stories and put them to bed.

I finished all the Belgariad series, then started reading anything I could find lying around--mysteries, kids books (Heidi and The Ranger Boys). Anything to keep myself occupied.

Ron got me a coccyx cushion to sit on, and a shower chair, which makes showering so much more comfortable and easy. I feel like an invalid.

I had 9 months of "normalcy" after my cancer treatment and transplant, and I am so grateful for that. As uncomfortable as this new situation is, I'm thankful that the cancer has not come back and that I'm alive. I'm trying to remember to offer up the pain and discomfort for the salvation of souls, so I don't feel as if I'm suffering for no good reason.

Prayers appreciated!


Kalona said...

Comment from Adrienne. (I accidentally hit the reject button and deleted her original comment, but copied it from her email).

Well "blech" is the perfect word.

Tingly backside? Not going there ;-)


Hah! Adrienne, your comment made me laugh. :o)

Linda said...

I did not know chemo could cause this! I'm sorry it's happening to you.

I have a knitting pattern I can send you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! I'm praying! Love, Sandi

Sarah Oldham said...

Praying for you . . . I hope it goes away on its own, my dear friend. As a new sufferer of back pain (I wrenched my back cleaning the bathrooms a few days ago) I "feel your pain". And, I can't sit for long - I wish I could!!!! To quote my late grandmother, "it's hell getting old!" I'd like to amend that to, "It's hell being in pain!". Love you, darling lady.

Kalona said...

Linda, yeah, just one of the many possible side effects from the chemo. My chemo regimen was very aggressive, so I'm not surprised this happened, just disappointed that it did.

Would love to know more about the knitting pattern. :o)

Sandi, I'm counting on your prayers, as usual. Thank you!

Sarah, I'm sorry you are also dealing with back pain. It's just so miserable. Praying for you!