Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Another Day In The Hospital

Another day of tests. I was supposed to have a PET scan this morning, so was NPO (without food) overnight. But when I got down there, my blood sugar was too high to do the scan. So it has been postponed until tomorrow, if they can get my sugar level down. They brought me back to my room, and I used the time to shower and knit.

I continued to be NPO all day, because they didn't want me eating before the cervical spinal puncture, either. Around 1:30 I went to the special procedures unit for the puncture. They did it using xray, so they could see exactly where the needle was going. They were able to get some spinal fluid, and will have the results in the next couple of days. All I know now is that they said there were a lot of lymph cells in the fluid, so it's looking more and more like what we expect--that the mantle cell is back. It was an interesting procedure, and not as scary (or painful) as I expected.

I had to lie flat for 2 hours after the procedure to keep from getting a bad headache, but had a radiation treatment directly after the puncture. They were able to keep me flat, though, but the radiation took forever today. My lower back and coccyx were killing me by the time they finished because of having to lie for so long on the hard metal table. They were having trouble seeing what they were looking for, and getting me lined up properly. After awhile I was having muscle spasms that made me move, which only made things harder. They finally did finish the treatment though. I have another one tomorrow.

By the time I could sit up, it was dinner time. I ordered dinner and ate every bite of it, I was so hungry!

I watched a bit of TV and knitted some more, then Kelly came over to see me for awhile. She just left a few minutes ago. She is such a sweetheart. I hate for her to be out driving so late, but I really enjoyed her visit.

If all goes well tomorrow, they will look at letting me go home in the afternoon. I am so ready!

Prayers continue to be much appreciated. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! Hope you are sleeping!

I'm praying that any other tests you have to endure go smoothly & quickly. You are amazing! I love you! Sandi

Adrienne said...

Hoping for you to go home where you'll be more comfortable. Prayers still coming (along with cyber-rays properly beamed to the affected area.)

Jennifer Mulkey said...

As always you are in our prayers. Am so sorry you are going through all of this :( Let us know what's happening from time to time. My Mom had her second chemo today, one last Tuesday too. She has chemo now weekly, for 8 weeks and then they will see if it has done anything. If not, on to something else. She's doing well. My brother has surgery on the 31st. They will remove the cancer from his mouth, with any lymph nodes that they find, and will check out a spot on the back of his throat that lit up on the CT scan. Tom (my hubby) has to see a surgeon on the 23rd, as he's having problems with his colon, we are hoping and praying it's something simple. How is your Mom doing? We pray for both of you alot :) Much love and cyber hugs sent your way.

Cole said...

I love you Aunt Sharon! Praying right this very minute. :) I love your spirit and admire your strength. You are so special! Love, Cole