Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday With Reece

Reecism: Something is "scrap-ted." It means that something is messed up. It might be his shorts are pulled up crooked, a pillow is sliding off the chair he's sitting in, a paper cut-out got torn. We don't know where he came up with it, but he uses "scrap-ted" pretty often. :o) Variation: Something is "all scrapped up." Hmmm.

Daily conversation at our house:
Gramma: Reece, did you throw plastic toys in the dog yard? (Or any other naughty thing).
Reece: No, Aubrey did it.
Gramma: Aubrey, did you throw that in the dog yard?
Aubrey: No, Cammie dood it.
Gramma: Cammie, did you throw the toy in the dog yard?
Cammie: *Grin*

Still don't know who keeps throwing stuff into the dog yard, but I suspect all of them.

Ron and I took Reece to Mass with us Sunday evening. I was standing and he was sitting beside me in the pew. I felt him rubbing the wrinkled skin on my elbow. Then suddenly he was pinching the skin and rubbing his face on it! He's a weird little kid, but he sure makes me laugh. :o)

I've been picking quite a few tomatoes the past few days. We've had them in salads, sliced, and today I made fresh salsa using the black krim tomatoes, one of my cowhorn peppers, some onion and salt and pepper. Oh my goodness, it is so delicious! I didn't put in much of the cowhorn pepper because it was hot. I didn't notice the heat while I was eating the salsa, but afterwards I could feel my lips burning a little. Yummy!

Josh is working again. I hope they will stay with us for awhile, until they've saved up a good amount of money and are on their feet. They'll need money for a deposit on a rental house, rent, utilities, and they also need a good used van and truck. Prayers that this job works out would be so appreciated. Thank you!

Looks like we might get some rain. Reece said he heard thunder earlier, and there are big, puffy dark clouds. Come on rain! We really, really need it.

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