Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drama In and Around the Pool

We've been spending lots of time in the pool. It's fun to watch the kids as they begin to realize that going underwater won't hurt them, and then eventually it becomes lots of fun. Reece is at that point now. He isn't quite swimming, but will glide underwater to me off the steps, and loves it. He just needs to learn to kick and he will be swimming.

Camryn sputters and makes awful faces when she comes up, but then she wants to do it again. :o) She still panics a little bit, but she likes it and is learning.

Aubrey tells me in no uncertain terms that she does not want to go underwater. So we'll just play around the steps and wait 'til she's ready.

Yesterday I was in the bedroom, and Ron came in and said he had to jump in the pool. The first thing I thought was that the bees that drink from our birdbath had gotten after him. But he said no, he had to jump in to get Aubrey out.

He was doing something in the yard and she was riding the little Crazy Coupe car around the pool. He had just told her not to get too close to the edge and turned back to what he was doing. He said he heard a splash and turned to see her in the pool, sitting in the little car. It floated, so her head didn't go underwater, but he couldn't reach it. He said he took off his jeans and jumped in and got her. When I told Kelly about it she said, "I knew you were going to say Dad took off his jeans before he jumped in." :o) He knew he had time, and didn't want to jump in with his wallet and phone. He's always practical and calm. :o)

Later my daughter-in-law made me laugh so hard. She said that she had looked outside and saw Ron in his t-shirt and underwear and thought, "What the heck?!!" I can imagine her confusion. Then she saw Aubrey standing next to the little car all soaking wet and realized what happened.

It was funny, but it also reminds us that we have to be ever vigilant with the kids around the pool. It's one reason I'm eager for them to learn to swim as soon as possible. With four adults there is always someone to keep an eye on them, but things can happen in a flash, just like Aubrey driving into the pool.

Yesterday Reece and Aubrey opened the skimmer and found a dead bird in it. Cyrise said Aubrey came running to her, crying. Josh said Reece was standing by the skimmer with a hurt look on his face, then he started crying. A few days ago the puppies got one of the baby mockingbirds that were learning to fly, and they saw that, too. :o( Traumatic.

I'm going to pick up Kelly today, after I go to Gran's, and we are finally going to have our little shopping trip. So I'd better get off the computer and get moving.

Have a great weekend!


Therese said...

You most certainly do have to be vigilant around the pool. We had a near miss with Joseph at the end of our summer. I was the only one watching him and I got distracted. Joseph went under the water on his back and couldn't get up. I just ran straight to him. Fortunately he was okay. I was so aware though that it could have had a different ending.

Kalona said...

What a scare, Therese! I'm glad that Joseph was okay. It's so easy for little ones to lose their balance in the water.