Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quiet Sunday Afternoon

I started a post yesterday, got interrupted and thought I'd saved it as a draft, but instead I accidentally published it. When I saw that it was published today, I tried to delete it, but it's still in the Google Reader. I don't know how to delete things from there. Oh well, if you find the post you'll see that I use stream of consciousness writing, then I go back and edit out most of it. :o)

Anyway, Ron's been in the middle of some big exercise, so he had to work yesterday (Saturday), which made it seem like it wasn't the weekend. He said that he would have to work today, too, so we decided to go to the evening Mass. Then he didn't go in after all. So Reece and I went to Gran's at lunch time to give her her meds and because I was driving the truck instead of the car, I didn't have her meds with me when I got there. (Ron had been taking them to her, so he had them in the car).

I took Mom a bunch of leftovers--pasta from Friday, part of a pork roast, broccoli and roasted fingerling potatoes, french bread and sliced tomatoes from yesterday. She enjoyed a big lunch on her patio. Reece kept her company out there while I cleaned up inside.

The tomato in the picture is one of my Cherokee purples. They aren't very pretty--from what I've read they usually have those cracks in the top. But it doesn't affect the taste, and they are very delicious. Not as acidic as most tomatoes.

That's one of my morning glories that I planted in March. The blue ones are big and pretty, but the pink and white ones are smaller. I like all of them, though.

Yesterday Reece and I went looking for a drawing book and pencils and he found a windmill that works by solar power. It looks like the old windmill that he loves so much, so of course we had to buy it (Hobby Lobby in the crafts aisle). His daddy put it together for him when we got home, and he is learning about solar energy and how it works. :o) As we were walking into Hobby Lobby, a lady coming out asked me if I had a coupon. When I said no, she gave me a 40% off coupon, so we got a good deal on the windmill. Wasn't that sweet of her? :o)

Guess I'll go see what is going on downstairs. It's hard to get a minute to post as Reece is always looking for me! And when he finds me on the computer, he always wants to watch a video.


Linda said...

My garden is a little better this year. I have tomatoes... ONE on each plant. sigh...
Maybe next year I'll try the Cherokee Purple because I like the name. :)

Kalona said...

Linda, at least you're getting one tomato per plant. There have been years when I've not had any luck at all!

The name was the reason I bought the Cherokee purple, too. I'll get it again. It's done well. Maybe you could try some fall tomatoes?

Linda said...

I think my garden needs nitrogen. We're learning. I'm going to use some containers and plant in compost next time. I'm desperate!