Monday, May 23, 2011

A May Monday

I'm out on the patio. Just had fresh tomatoes, cheese and crackers for lunch--yum.

Reece is in the pool. I was out here earlier, picking beans and tomatoes. I turned around to see what he was doing, and he had already stripped off his shorts and was trying to get his shirt off. He's having fun playing with his plastic dinosaurs on the steps going down into the water. He just said to me, "Just call me Grandpa Wimmon." That's Grandpa Lemon to those of you who might not know. :o) Yeah, Annoying Orange reference.

I have got to do something about my hair. It has grown in all curly/wavy and I can't stand it. Right now it's all the same length and needs some shaping. It looks like old lady hair. (And yes, I know I'm an old lady, but I don't want old lady hair).

Today is Josh's day off, and wouldn't you know, he has jury duty. I hope he doesn't get chosen for a jury. It's not a good time to take days off from work, when he's just getting started.

We'll celebrate Camryn's birthday tonight when everyone is home with cake and ice cream, candles and presents. She and Aubrey are napping right now. So is Gina. It's so peaceful when they are all asleep.


And now the little girls are up and playing in the water. Reece and Aubrey are in the spa, and Cammie is playing around the edge of it. The birthday girl just got a bucket of water poured on her head. She didn't care. :o)

Their mommy is inside, getting some of the birthday presents wrapped or bagged.

We had a nest of mockingbirds in the grape arbor. The parents have moved them to a hedge on the other side of the fence and are teaching them to fly. They are sooo noisy!

Hope you're having a great Monday.

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