Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's Going On Around Here

Well, now I'm in a wheelchair.  Ron went and got it for me yesterday, after we went to the physical therapist.  The therapist is one I saw years ago for my frozen shoulder.  I like him a lot, and have faith in him.  He thinks he can help me, but said he wants me to see a neurologist because of the rapid decline in the use of my legs.  They've gotten much worse since I was there last week, and he printed out reports from both visits to show the neurologist.  

Aubrey thinks my wheelchair is pretty cool.  Wish I felt the same.  I am grateful to have a way to get around, though.  Last night I dreamed that I was walking and walking, down a country road.  

The kids have half a day of school tomorrow, then they're out for the summer.  I ordered some books to help Reece with reading and math before he goes back in the fall.  We will work on it every day this summer.

Ron and Josh have been going to Mom's for me the past week.  She called me earlier, saying that she is packing to move back to Wichita.  It's very frustrating because she isn't moving, but keeps packing things that then have to be unpacked and put away again.  I think this is the sixth or seventh time she has thought she is moving.  Last time she thought she was moving back to her old apartment.  Josh is on his way over there now.

The kids were so surprised when they came home today, because Papa moved the couch out of our bedroom to make more room in here.  Now Reece is sitting in my wheelchair watching Ben 10.  He looks so adorable.

Life.  You never know what will happen next.


Adrienne said...

Well - the good part is your PT thinks he can help. In the meantime, take it easy and quit trying to do everything. That's an order!! ;-)

Kalona said...

:o) Yes, ma'am. My PT kind of said the same thing. He said for now don't try to do too much.

Thanks Adrienne; you always make me smile.